Spiritual Tribe

I’m looking for a few new people to join my development circle it’s held once a month on a Monday evening. I will guide you through the techniques to help you enhance or psychic and mediumship skills. Here are some of the subjects and techniques we cover, opening up, grounding, meditation, protection, closing down, photograph … More Spiritual Tribe

The best way to deal with difficult or negative emotions.

Dealing with negative emotions is sometimes a very personal challenge for me as I often deal with a lot of negativity or negative people in my work when doing psychic readings, let face it not many people come to see me when there in a happy place, so at times it hard to remain positive. … More The best way to deal with difficult or negative emotions.

Shamanic Guided Meditation

New class starting soon. Shamanic Guided Meditation, or journeys, is an ancient healing tradition. It involves connection with and guidance from spirits including ancestors, elders, gods, goddesses, spirit guides, power animals and angels. It focuses on using a spiritual connection to heal the mind, deal with external stress and understand the self and the world. … More Shamanic Guided Meditation