12 month tarot spread


This spread is called a basic 12 month spread suitable for those learning tarot. Shuffle your cards well and intuitively select 12 cards, place them in a circular pattern, but remember which card is which.

The Spread

CARD 1: The Self: You, what are you projecting to others, your appearance.

CARD 2: Money: your money and possessions; your skills and talents, your values and self worth, you’re earning power

CARD 3: Your mental / Intellectual activities: your work, short trips siblings, school.

CARD 4: Emotions: Your emotional security, or sense of belonging, this relates to your activities at home, or your partner.

CARD 5: Creativity: your creativity and artistic ability, your children, love affairs, and romance, leisure activities.

CARD 6: Routine: your daily routine, health, your job or work, co workers, pets.

CARD 7: Business: Your business partner, your partner, your relationships, or “significant others”.

CARD 8: Money or Possessions, loans, inheritances,

CARD 9: Your higher education, training opportunities, long distance travels

CARD 10: Your public reputation, your contribution to society, your career activities, and your father.

CARD 11: Goals, dreams, and wishes, visions, friends, groups.

CARD 12: Your spiritual situation, your psychic ability, your needs, escape and other fantasies.

TIPS: larger spreads can take some time to practice and interpret, especially for a beginner. Don’t be afraid to take a photo of the cards so you can come back to at a later time to finish it.

To book your 12 month tarot reading go to the Book a Reading page.

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