What do the cards say about you ?


BIRTH CARDS – Your birth-card represents your lifelong purpose.

To find your year card you add up the digits of your date of birth – for example: 1+1+0+8+1+9+7+7= 34

If it’s above 21 then deduce it by adding the two digits together – for example: 3 + 4 = 7

YEAR CARDS –Year cards represent the shorter term lessons.

You find your year card by replacing your year of birth with whatever year in the past, present or future you wish to look into, for example = 1+1+0+8+2+0+1+ 6= 19. Card number 19 in Tarot is the The Sun Card, 19 can also be reduced to 8. In a double digit instance that goes no higher than 21 you can read that number and the reduced number. These are known as Tarot Pairs.

The paired card can often be found almost opposite the other when The Major Arcana when its  laid out in order, just like the zodiac, it tends to be the opposite sign within astrology.

Below is a list of the Major Arcana and their numbers along with a very brief description of their purpose.

0 – The Fool /Aquarius – the soul is born anew, pure, wild and free

Archetypal Purpose: The genius, inventor, traveller, entertainer, revolutionist, the musician, comedian, the pied piper.

1 – The Magician /Mercury – the soul finds it’s identity, power of the mind, manifestation and karmic retribution.

Archetypal Purpose: The genius, inventor, traveller, entertainer, entrepreneur, public speaker, the Magician.

2 – The High Priestess / Cancer – the soul feels it’s intuition.

Archetypal Purpose: The intuitive, the healer, the psychic, the oracle,  the temptress, the maiden, the midwife, the mermaid.

3 – The Empress / Taurus  – the soul feels the call for natural protection of others.

Archetypal Purpose: The mother, the nurturer, the feeder, the care giver, wicca woman, the gardener, the nutritionist, the queen.

4 – The Emperor / Aries – the soul realizes the need to act and create structure.

Archetypal Purpose: The father, the protector, the disciplinarian, the courageous one, the responsible one, the pioneer, the builder, the warrior, the business man, the politician, the engineer, the economist.

5 – The High Priest / Taurus – the soul realizes the need for education.

Archetypal Purpose: The holy father, the religious protector, the teacher, the moralistic one, the public speaker, the advisor, the counsel, the politician, the dogmatic one.

6 – The Lovers / Gemini – the soul feels the call of choice, temptation and connection.

Archetypal Purpose: The communicator, the diplomat, the mediator, the couples counsellor, the teacher, the escort.

7 – The Chariot / Cancer – the soul feels the call to prove itself.

Archetypal Purpose: The driver, the coach, the change maker, the transformer, the contender, the athlete, ambitious one.

8 – Strength / Leo – the soul realizes the need to only be true to oneself.

Archetypal Purpose: The vet, the nurse, the dentist, the care giver, the wrestler, the support worker, the nursery nurse, the teacher, the dancer, the performer, the zoo keeper / feeder.

9 – The Hermit / Virgo  – the soul realizes the importance on reflection of all it has learnt).

Archetypal Purpose: The teacher, the writer, the researcher, the assistant, the sage, the shaman, the old man.

10 – The Wheel / Jupiter – the growth of the previous 9 lessons create change.

Archetypal Purpose: The risk taker, the thrill seeker, the dare devil, the driver, the multi purpose growth expander.

11 – Justice / Libra  – the soul realizes that honest really is the best policy against karmic retribution.

Archetypal Purpose: The lawyer, the teacher, the politician,  the mentor, the diplomat, the mediator, the judge, the barrister, the couples counsellor, weight watchers leader.

12 – The Hanged Man / Pisces – the soul realizes that perception is the key to change.

Archetypal Purpose: The musician, the dreamer, the poet, the mediator, the monk, the sage, the mystic, the yogi, the dream therapist,the mime artist.

13 – Death / Scorpio – the soul’s personality often dies to make way for the new and improved.

Archetypal Purpose: The transformer, the truth seeker, the psychic, the detective, the spy, the sex therapist, the rock musician, the funeral director, the psychoanalyst, the miner, the tube driver.

14 – Temperance / Sagittarius – the soul learns the power of grace.

Archetypal Purpose: The teacher, the peace maker, the funeral director, the grief counsellor, the psychoanalyst, the shaman, the midwife, the nurse, the traveller, the seeker, the dancer, the performer, the philosopher, the coach, the activator of visions in all manner of weird and wonderful ways.

15 – The Devil / Capricorn – the soul realizes it’s confines.

Archetypal Purpose: The addiction therapist, the hard task master, the business man, the professional gambler, the investor, the prison attendant, the bouncer, the security guard, the miner, the tube driver, the banker, the hypnotherapist,  the porn star.

16 – The Tower / Mars – the soul is expelled from it’s confines.

Archetypal Purpose: The change maker, the shocking one, the force to reckoned with, the catalyst, the truthful one, the insightful one, the eccentric one, the impulsive one, the bulldozer driver.

17 – The Star / Aquarius – the soul is supported to manifest it’s dreams.

Archetypal Purpose: The dreamer, the nurturer, the healer, the believer, the miracle maker, the artist, the dancer, the graceful one, the astronaut, the star.

18 – The Moon / Pisces – the soul is challenged by vulnerability.

Archetypal Purpose: The dreamer, the healer, the shaman, the mystic, the creative one, the psychic one, the sensitive one, the midwife, the dream therapist, the sailor, the emotional one.

19 – The Sun / The Sun – the soul comes into the heart of all it is.

Archetypal Purpose: The performer, the actor, the entertainer,  the dancer, the creator, the public speaker, the leader, the inspirer, the TV Presenter, the centre of the universe.

20 – Judgment / Pluto – the soul is cleansed from all that holds it back – if it is willing to let go.

Archetypal Purpose:  the whistleblower, the declarer, the pilot, the paratrooper, the dare devil risk taker, the philosopher, the trumpet player, the great debater, the undertaker.

21 – The World / Saturn – the soul successfully evolves.

Archetypal Purpose: The dancer, the traveller, the event manger, the host, the one who has mastery, the humanitarian, the one who can be anything, the one who can help someone be anything.

RELATIONSHIP CARDS –Work out the birth card numbers of the two people concerned and then add them together, for example Mrs Bates 11/08/1977 =34/7 and Mr Bates 30/5/1973 =28/10 – 7+10 = 17/8 – Lifetime relationship purpose is The Star and Strength

YEAR RELATIONSHIP CARDS –You can also look at any of the shorter year lessons within a relationship by adding the year numbers together, for example=

Mrs Bates 11/08/2009 =21/3 Mr Bates 30/5/2009= 19/10 -3+10= 13/4 – Year of marriage purpose The Emperor and Death.

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