Email Angel Readings


 Due to popular demand, Tracie will be offering Angel Readings via E-mail

Tracie’s intuitive readings are completely guided by the angels and consist of the messages from the Angels, Tarot and of course, your guides. You can always be sure that no matter what situation you are in, the answers you get will be non-judgmental and loving in nature so you don’t have to worry about seeing something negative in your reading.

Your Angels want to encourage you step into your power, help you recognise and clear any perceived blocks, and give you guidance to help you manifest your goals. You can choose to book a mini or full reading. I recommend being clear with your questions and asking for guidance rather than a simple ‘Yes or No’ question. This way you can receive the most benefit from your readings. Yes, you can ask ”Will I ever meet the right guy?”. However if you ask ”What do I need to do in order to attract the right guy?’ it would bring a deeper insight to the question at hand. Because of free will, Angels will not intervene without being asked. I also wouldn’t recommend asking vague and general questions such as ‘What will my future will bring?.

Maybe you want to know your angels. So, you can go ahead, choose the Mini Reading’ option and ask which angel is your current Guardian Angel and the Archangels who are with you at this time.

Whether you’d like to receive guidance about your spiritual growth, relationships, career, or a different topic, clearly and briefly describe the situation and ask your question.

E-mail readings are intended to be guidance and not a conversation. You will receive your answers within a couple of days via e-mail. If you desire further interaction or engagement with Tracie, where you can ask questions, then we would recommend you to book a one to one reading which is interactive.

When it comes to mediumship (connecting with your departed loved ones) book a one to one reading as they tend to be a conversation between you and the spirit world.

In order to respect the personal nature of these readings, they are strictly confidential. Meditate on your readings, connect with the angels mentioned and then make your own decisions. Neither Angels, nor Tracie can make your decisions on your behalf. The readings are there to bring spiritual advice and clarity. You are given “free-will”, therefore it is up to you to be responsible and accountable in using the information to make decisions that best serve you in your life.

E-mail Readings intended to be from 1-2 paragraphs to a page depending on the number of questions. While Tracie will try to get to your reading as quickly as possible depending on the volume of requests it can take from 1 to 2 working days.

As email readings require a high-level of concentration and a meditative state, she tends to only do a few in one day.

You can choose your reading type and book your e-mail reading using the Paypal button on the book a reading page.


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