The best day to do your spells


Sunday is ruled by the Sun. Do spells concerning success, victory, advancement, leadership, personal power, health, healing, friendship, joy & happiness. Business ventures, partnerships and promotions.

Monday is ruled by the Moon. Do spells concerning domestic matters, fertility & childbirth, feminine cycles, emotional healing, intuition, divination, prophecy, psychic ability, digging into the subconscious, medicine and gerdening, prosperity & manifestation (full Moon).

Tuesday is ruled by Mars. Do spells concerning war, battle, conflict, defense, competition, lust. Physical endurance, sports, hunting, politics.

Wednesday is ruled by Mercury. Do spells concerning intellect, mental agility, memory, creativity, writing, speaking, commerce especially e-commerce, communication (verbal, written, contractual, technological), travel.

Thursday is ruled by Jupiter. Do spells concerning business success, legal victory, general victory, expansion, wealth, power, honor, politics, financial gain, awards.

Friday is ruled by Venus. Do spells concerning love, attraction, sensuality, beauty, friendship, the arts, music, scents, pleasure, luxury, healing heart ache.

Saturday is ruled by Saturn. Do spells for binding, protection form slander, spells for karmic issues, reincarnation, long term projects, endings and death.

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2 thoughts on “The best day to do your spells

  1. I am so blessed, I can’t get to Tracie’s classes, but I am able to continue learning new things from this fantastic web site. There’s always more to learn in all the alternative therapies and all the Spiritual lessons.
    Thank you Tracie long.

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