The Modern Witch Course


A new light hearted course in Witchcraft is starting soon, learn to become a Modern Day Witch, we are not all dressed in black with pointy hats some of us wear up to date fashion and Chanel No 5  🙂

We have respect for nature and its cycles, respect for the earth and all its creatures.

Its about moving forward on your own personal spiritual journey, learning and growing becoming the most you can be, often leading you to a renewed and a more enriched life.

This course, held once a month on a Sunday, we aim to cover all subjects. There will be indoor and outdoor classes, spells and rituals, trips to Glastonbury and Stonehenge will be included.

Suitable for those of you already  Interested in witchcraft, and for the complete beginner, you will write your own book of shadows, learn about Wicca and Pagans including the moon cycles, spells, sabbats, goddess, meditations, casting a circle, cord magic, candle magic, herb magic and much more.

Starting soon, use the contact form to put your name down.

The Modern Witch

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