Moon Energy


Did you know you are naturally accelerated on a full moon? You are at your highest energy level. The best time to get new projects under way.

When the moon is full and I look up into the sky, and ask for guidance and set my intentions for that month, it is hard not to be captivated and feel the magic in the air. The moon moves through every sign of the zodiac for at least two days, offering an intense emotions of that signs energy, some from which we may all benefit. When the moon moves through the different phases each month, it is also showing us our different layers and moods. Try keeping track of your emotions during the month and seeing how your energy dips and how thoughts and emotions change even your sleep patens, over time you can use this to your advantage.

My love for the moon grows and my relationship with it is becoming stronger and stronger. Sometime I lay on my bed, looking out the window at the moon. I am often taking note and paying attention to the different faces of the moon. As the moon makes it cycle each month, she graces me with her presence for a few days, keeping me awake with her beauty.

Use the energy to set your intentions, do your moon blessings to bring in a new and positive energy into your life.

Set up your alter make your wish or do a spell then offer it to the moon and watch your dreams manifest, keep a moon diary so you can look back over all you have achieved.



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