New Moon 30th October – Looking Deep Within.


As we go into that private place where we are forced to acknowledge our true motives and desires, where our memories dwell and keep on affecting us, where we can dance with both the light and darkness in our psyche.

Most of us are disconnected from our sense of intimacy with the Self, and instead engage in suppressing emotions, memories, trauma and unwanted feelings, pushing them out of conscious awareness.

We do it to avoid shame, suffering, to cope and preserve the sense of safety provided by our Ego based delusions.
This New Moon in Scorpio gets to the bottom of it through penetrating inquiry of the hidden innermost realms, this provocative New Moon can feel almost intrusive with her enquiring.

A New Moon in itself is like an energetic doorway, a time for spiritual and emotional reboot. The energy of a Scorpio New Moon is the equivalent of a shortcut to our core, serving the higher purpose of the soul; it’s like a cosmic flush that helps us with our emotions and shift parts of our existence that has felt blocked.

Depending on your level of self-intimacy and self-honesty, you might find this experience unsettling or challenging at best.

Set your new intentions as you clear out the old and unwanted, those that started spell work on the last Full Moon should now start to see a progression as we complete this New Moon.

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