A psychic or a mediumship reading which do you prefer?


Do you know the difference?

A mediumship reading is to prove that life exists after death, mediums do this by contacting your loved ones that have died by passing on a message from them in spirit to the person having the reading, the sitter should be able to understand and take the message or characteristics that are given by the medium, this would be information that they could not possibly know about deceased or their life.

A psychic reading will give you some insight or guidance with what is happening now in your life if you are feeling stuck or un sure about something, some psychics can also predict an outcome or see what the future will holds for you over the coming months and in some cases years. This of course is open to change, depending on the decisions that you make.

When looking for a medium or a psychic try and go on recommendation, ask around someone you know has bound to have seen one or know someone that has.  Check them out, see how long they have been working as a medium or psychic take a look at their feedback, before you make a booking or part with any money.

Becoming a medium does not happen overnight, It takes a lot of discipline and training to achieve the state of mind that is required for clear and accurate messages from spirit.

Even with a natural ability it takes a lot of experience to be a psychic or clairvoyant it takes practice and it is a part of our everyday life. To become accurate with delivering messages it can take years of sitting in development circles and attending many course and workshops.

Definitions of a medium.

People love to enhance themselves so you may will find some of the terms used for a medium a little confusing but here are some of the typical definitions of a medium.

Psychic Medium: A medium who also has psychic powers such as the gift of prophecy.

Mental Medium: A medium who perceives the spirit through their mind using the skills of Clairvoyance (Clear Seeing) Clairsentience (Clear Sensing) and Clairaudience (Clear Hearing)

Physical Medium: Rare nowadays, this is a medium that can manifest ectoplasm so that you can see the spirit.

Transfiguration Medium: A medium whose face will cover in a spiritual veil and show faces of people in spirit.

Direct Voice Medium: A Medium who can manifest discarnate voices in the séance room.

Trance Medium: A medium who allows the spirits to speak directly through him or her, also called Channelling. Channelling should contain proof and evidence of spirit, so watch out for those that simply talk rubish.

Spiritualist Medium: A medium who is also a Spiritualist.

Also watch out also for other phony sounding titles such as Celtic Medium, Accurate Medium, Counselling Medium, Angel Medium and so on. These people probably just want to sound better than they are!

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