Valentines,Love & Relationship Readings.


One of the most frequent questions I’m asked has to be about love and relationships. When will I meet the one and will be it be love and will it last, with Valentines just around the corner  I’m expecting to be doing a few more love & relationship readings.

So here is a simple ten card spread that you can do to help you with all the answers that you seek.

Put your phone on silent to make sure you’re not going to be disturbed. Light a candle to set the mood and clear you mind it’s a good idea to have a pad to hand so you can write down your thoughts so you refer to them later. When asking question of the cards, please be open to what they to tell you trust in your first thoughts and intuition.

Shuffle your cards, If you are a new to the Tarot, continue shuffling until either the odd card start jumping out of your hands or you feel instinctively that you are ready. If a card falls out during the shuffling process, take note of the card, return it to the deck and continue shuffling. If the card appears in the spread you lay out then you must pay extra attention to it.

Once you have finished shuffling set down your deck and cut it into three piles from the centre with your left hand. Put them back together starting with the middle pile and then lay out five cards, just lay them out in a straight line, then as you go long reading your cards you then add a card one at a time.

Here is what the cards mean.

Card Number 1 – This is you and what you are bringing to the relationship. This card provides you with information as to how the other person sees you and what you have to offer. Then add a card from the top of your pack, this card can indicate what lesson you have to teach the other person.

Card Number 2 – The other person and what they are bringing to the relationship. What they have to offer you, this includes the lessons they have to teach you,  now add a card lay it on top, this will tell their commitment to love and support you.

Card Number 3 -Your future with this person, this card indicates whether or not you will be happy together, again add a card and this will flag up any challenges you may face.

Card Number 4 –This card shows your potential happiness and what they are both seeking from the relationship. Spend some time with this card as the card in this position can also give you valuable insight into whether they are carrying any baggage from a previous relationship or not. Add a card, if this one is a court card this could indicate an ex that may still be around or on the scene.

Card Number 5 – This card shows the relationship. This card as the outcome card, by adding another card here,this can also be a lesson to show that together what you have to work through.

Tarot gives us the heads up it can also influence outcomes. If a ‘negative’ card shows up this may not necessarily mean the relationship is doomed to end badly. It can merely show you that there may be challenges to overcome and by knowing this in advance you can choose to deal with them in a more empowered way if they do come up and help bring about a better outcome.

If you would like a special in-depth love & relationship reading, with a added bonus of a mini past life reading, to see if you have know each other in a previous lifetime. Then contact me, this special offer is only on from 1st Feb until 14th Feb the Cost £35.00 payment is via pay pal you can find payment links on both my sites.

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