Rejuvenate for spring spell


With spring on the way, this spell will help you to renew your spiritual self.

You will need the following materials:

A small black candle and a small white candle
Medium sized yellow or green candle, see if you can find one shaped like an egg.
A spring wreath to fit around the candle, hand made would be better
Sandalwood incense
Your favourite essential oil or a scent that reminds you of Spring
Paper and a black and a gold pen
A cauldron or fire proof container.

First, use the black pen to write on one sheet of paper and title the page BE GONE. With the black pen, write all the habits, feelings, situations, etc. that you want to get rid of. Place this negative list under the candleholder of the black candle.

Next take a nice bath or shower and cleanse yourself of any negative energy. Visualize the water washing over your body and taking away the black cloudy grime that surrounds you to reveal a brilliant white glow. After the bath or shower, anoint yourself with the essential oil and dress yourself in white comfy garments or stay sky clad if you prefer.

Return to your work space and now take the other paper and with the gold pen title it REBIRTH. With the gold pen, write all of those things you want to better in yourself, change for the positive, goals you desire to accomplish, etc. Make positive, active statements and void comments like I should, would, wish, hope or anything with negative connotations.

This is your positive list so fill it with vibrant positive energy. Then when your list is complete, place the list under the candleholder of the white candle.

Now, light the black and white candle and the incense. Take the incense holder and walk around your space three times clockwise. Now take the negative list from under the black candle and use its flame to set it afire and throw it in the cauldron.

As you do this say:

What once was will never be.
I’m making room for the new me.
Be gone, Be gone!
So mote it be!

After the negative list is burnt, take the positive list from under the white candle. Now here is where you may need to be quick and steady.  Set the positive list alight with the white candle and immediately use the burning list to light your yellow or green candle and throw the burning paper in to the cauldron.

Now say the following words:

Let me feel, let me see,
Now reborn in positivity.
As I hatch into spring,
Let all good things now come in.
In perfect love and perfect trust,
With harm to none,
So mote it be!

Lastly, gaze at your candle for a moment, meditate if you wish. When you’re ready, take the cauldron outside and throw the ashes to the wind, making sure it doesn’t come back into your house, then make sure to snuff out the candles when appropriate.

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