Mercury Retrograde Empowerment Reading.



A very personal reading, as a Psychic I have spent countless Mercury Retrogrades hoping to go un-noticed by the countless effects that occur in our world during a specific planetary cycle.

That this is not necessarily a time for fear, frustration or anger, but rather this is a time of FORTUNE and OPPORTUNITY!

You probably have heard many words of advice on what NOT to do, but I would rather tell you what you CAN do! and how and why it affects you, as well as how it may affect those surrounding you, and how to use these cycles for your own personalised growth

By having this reading, you do no longer have to go on the defence, but instead you can hit the ground running fully prepared to take on every challenge presented. Being forewarned makes you forearmed, and gives you the ability to take your own power back.

Use these very same energies to regain control for personal empowerment, navigate the pit falls and come out the other side better than when it started!

Please allow about 72 hours AFTER payment & information required are received for your reading to be delivered. Occasionally it may take a little longer. I do my best to work quickly, if you are feeling stuck in a rut right now then message me to book your reading.

This reading is £40 payment by pay pal.

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