What’s Your Personality Colour?


To discover your personality colour ask yourself, what your favourite colour is, don’t think about it too much go with the first colour that comes into your mind

Your choice of a colour tells you a lot about yourself, how you function and how others see you. It can help you to understand your behaviour and your character traits as well as your physical, emotional and spiritual state.

It reflects the way you operate in the world, your strengths and weaknesses, your vulnerabilities, your deepest needs and your challenges at that time in your life.

Your personality colour does not have to be one you wear all the time, it is usually your favourite  colour  the one that makes you feel happy and alive when you see it.

You may also be drawn to your personality colour for clothing and home decorating. It is often a predominant colour in your aura.

You might like more than one colour, and then read the information on each one to fully understand yourself and what motivates you. You will find that you relate to parts of each colour profile.

If you dislike a colour, this can tell you a lot about yourself as well, often reflecting your weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Your most disliked colour will relate to areas in your life that need to be given attention or past hurts that need to be healed.

Maybe if you want to try to think back to your childhood or any earlier time in your life where you may have developed a dislike of the colour, there could be a connection!

By rejecting colours this can at times create imbalances in your life so it is a good idea to try to incorporate a small amount of your disliked colours into your life by using them in clothing or underwear or in your home even your work environment, to help balance your energies.

Most of us do have a colour that we are more drawn too and many of us have had the same one since childhood.  For some of you the colour will change once or twice during your lifetime, while others will have one colour for their whole lifetime.

Sometimes you can prefer another colour for a while, depending on your needs at that time, but will notice that you come back to the original favourite when those specific needs are met.

For those of you who don’t think you have a personality colour, look at the clothes you wear and the way you have decorated your home. Are there one or more colours you consistently choose, then these will be the colours that reflect your personality and your deepest needs.

Whether you like or dislike a colour can be dependent on your own life experiences and your positive and negative associations to the colour as well as your need for the qualities of that colour.

Surround yourself with the colours you love, either by wearing them or using them to decorate in your environment. They will empower you to be true to yourself, to show your true colours and who you really are.

Try to vary other colours with your favourites to keep your energies and behaviour balanced.

What Does Your Personality Colour Say About You?

Red, you are action oriented with a deep need for physical fulfilment and to experience life through the five senses.

Orange, you have a great need to be with people, to socialize with them, and be accepted and respected as part of a group. You also have a need for challenges in your life, whether it is physical or social challenges.

Yellow, you have a deep need for logical order in your everyday life and to be able to express your individuality by using your logical mind to inspire and create new ideas.

Green, you have a deep need to belong, to love and be loved, and to feel safe and secure. You need acceptance and acknowledgment for the everyday things you do for others.

Blue, you have a deep need to find inner peace and truth, to live their life according to their ideals and beliefs without having to change their viewpoint of life to satisfy others.

Indigo, you have a need to feel in harmony and at one with the Universe and to be accepted by others as the aware and intuitive spiritual beings that they are.

Purple / Violet, you have a deep need for emotional security and to create order and perfection in all areas of your life, including your spiritual life. You also have a deep need to initiate and participate in humanitarian projects, helping others in need.

Pink, you have a deep need to be accepted and loved unconditionally.

Turquoise, your deepest need is to create emotional balance in your life, to be able to express your hopes and dreams no matter how idealistic they may be and to make your own way in the world under your own terms.

Magenta, you are a non-conformist who sees life from a different point of view.

Brown, you have a deep need for a safe, secure, simple and comfortable existence with supportive family and friends.

Black, you have a need for power and control in order to protect their own emotional insecurities, can be used for grounding.

White, your deepest need is for simplicity in your own life and to be independent and self-reliant so you do not need to depend on anyone else.

Gray, you are the middle of the road type, cool, conserved, composed and reliable. You tend to conform just to keep the peace.

Silver, you are intuitive and insightful and have a strong connection with a higher spiritual guidance.

Gold, you radiate charisma, personality and individuality, making others feels relaxed and valued in your company.




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