Tea Leaf Reading

images tea leaf reading

Tea Leaf reading is also known as Tasseomancy or Tasseography it’s said to originate from ancient China. As the Chinese would often read the dredges of their cups for symbols, omens or unusual patterns. Tea Leaf reading is one of the most creative and intuitive forms of divination much of the quality of the reading is based on the abilities of the reader. Concentration is important to enable you to see beyond the symbols and work with your intuition or clairvoyance. You would need a quiet and peaceful atmosphere to produce a good reading.
So what do you need, to begin with we need loose tea 2 teaspoons should be enough, hot water, teapot and a cup and saucer. While each reader will develop their own style and what is suitable to them, here are some ideas on how to try it for yourself. Don’t forget to ground and protect yourself before doing any type of divination work.
The person you’re doing the reading for, is asked to stir the loose tea in the pot and then pour it in to the cup. The tea should only be stirred with a spoon. If the leaves spill it is considered very fortunate, if bubbles float to the top it can mean a kiss or money coming to the seeker,if a stalk or leaf floats to the surface it indicates a visitor  a hard stem is a man and a soft one a woman. It is said by placing the leaf or stalk on the back of your hand and hitting it with the other one until it falls off, will tell you how many days until the visitor arrives.
The person you’re reading for then drinks the tea but leaves a small amount in the bottom of the cup. If the tea is too strong it shows a new friendship in the future but if it is too weak it indicates the end of one. Then the residues in the cup is swirled three times clockwise, then touch the edge of the saucer with the cup and turn it over onto the saucer. This allows the tea to drain away before it is passed over to the reader. The reader takes the cup with her right hand, the longer the reader holds the cup and concentrates, the better the reading will be.
The near, inner side of the cup contains the fortune. On the far, outer side of the cup are the thoughts and the issues that remain very much up in the air. It is standard practice to view the cup as a time period of one month but some readers can see your whole lifetime. Things that are half way up will occur in two weeks, further down in three to four weeks. The top represents today and the rim is now. Symbols right at the rim represent the first thing in the morning. If it is a leaf or stalk at the rim it will be shocking news. Anything pooling at the bottom of the cup represents problems and is also timed as now. The size and clearness of the image or symbol is very important. If they disappear immediately after being read it is indicative of things that are starting to no longer matter or be of significance.

We will be doing this on Sat 28th Oct – 12 to 3pm in Braintree Essex, if you would like to join us. Cost £30.00  –  Bookings@magicandglitter.co.uk


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