Finding Your Magic



Online Development Classes – You will be going on your very own personal journey along the way you will find out what’s holding you back, what your blocks are and what’s stopping you from moving forward with your life.

By learning how to develop your psychic ability, intuition and connect to your Spirit Guides. Learn to give and receive messages, how to read angel and oracle cards and how interpret the messages within them.

Meet your Spirit Guides and loved ones through meditation. Learn how to understand and interpret the signs and symbols you see.

These are just some of the topics that we will cover in our online development class.

Do you want to develop and go on your spiritual journey and you fancy taking part in my online classes then drop me a message, please note that places are limited depending on the response I may hold a second class to accommodate everyone.

This is open to complete beginners as well as those of you that have already started on your journey of self discovery.

Starting In Jan 2018 – Sunday Afternoons

To book your place email me and tell me a little about yourself to  –

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