From Venus With Love.


The first Full moon in 2018 will happen on 1st January this will be wonderful super moon that is also called Full Wolf Moon.

This moon will highlight your emotions and intuition as the lunar qualities reach their peak over the next day or two, any unresolved  tensions in love and affection felt between lovers and partners will be impossible to ignore as well as external pressures which may lead to some personal conflict and crises that will drain your energy.

Your home, as well as family and relationships, will come into sharper focus following this full moon, the effects of this full moon can last for two weeks right up to the 16th January when we have the new moon coming in.

The full moon opposite Venus although it represents problems that need to be solved, the harmonious aspects show the spiritual, as well as mental and physical skills which will allow you to rise above your limitations.

This energy in Venus will increase your need for love and affection no matter the consequences, so be careful you don’t lower your standards not to feel alone.

Different expectations, as well as demands between two people may cause some problems this will expose any relationships issues that will then need to be worked through.

Thankfully this full moon energy will also give us the courage to get what we what and the intuition to know how to go about getting it, especially concerning relationships and on a positive note this is also great time to ask someone you fancy out on a date.

Those of you that are looking for love you can find it by getting in tune with your emotions you’re your imagination if you have been dreaming of your ideal partner or finding your soul mate then you are more likely to meet someone special now.

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