Lessons we need to learn to have a happier life.



1: Make a brave decision on what you want to stand for

I’ve worked now with hundreds of people all around the world, and many that were treated terribly as children and adults. When this happens to us as young children and we find it very difficult to ever believe we are good enough or to speak up and stand up for who we really are and so many don’t make a stand on how they want to live there life.
So before its too late, be brave and make a stand about who you want to be in the world, and what you stand for. It’s also time to stop tolerating and allowing what you no longer want to accept in your life.

2: Never compromise your soul 

There are some things that it’s ok to compromise on perhaps the size of your home, or the location of your job, or the length of time you travel, or where you’ll go for summer holiday. But it’s never ok to compromise your soul. Know what keeps your spirit alive, and honor that with all you’ve got. For me, that’s truth, transparency, compassion, strength and integrity if I can’t live those qualities in my life.  I start to wither, become depressed and disappear. But I’ve learned and I won’t compromise it ever again.

3: Engage your wisdom, choose whom to love and trust 

These are the people you choose to enter into relationships with be it through marriage, friendship, business and work colleagues they will dramatically impact the quality and condition of your life. Don’t let people into your life who will hurt or demean and mistreat you. If you continually attract people who hurt or abuse you, you have to look at what is inside of you that needs healing so you won’t repeat or continue with these abusive patterns over again.

4: Don’t wait, express your creativity

Once I began to honor and nurture the creative side to me, my world changed and my work became a vehicle through which I could express my creative longings and abilities.  I’d be millionaire if I had a pound for every professional woman who has told me that she’s dying of boredom in her work, and that there’s a creative side of her that’s bursting to come out.

The truth is this: Writers write, painters paint, dancers dance. Just do the things you really want to do. You don’t have to throw your whole career away to honor your creativity. Just start today, that step will improve your life.

5: Get help when don’t have the strength to help yourself

This one is really simple. When you feel that you can’t do what you want to alone, then go get some help. Don’t wait. Reach out to a friend, an ally, someone who loves and respects you, and sees you. Don’t wait on the sidelines for years and years thinking you don’t have what it takes. Maybe you don’t have what it takes right now, but with the right kind of help, you will.

6: Don’t break yourself, break free

Don’t get stuck in lousy situations, jobs and relationships because you don’t want to face reality of having to change your life and in how you are operating in the world, if you want to be happy. Instead of just going with the flow of it, start changing course, or even making tiny changes can get you out of the bad scenarios that your continually attracted to and change it. That doesn’t mean you have to throw everything away just figure out some small steps you can make today to make a difference in your situation, and start doing them.

7: Heal your relationship with money

Often people think that the only way to make a lot of money was to sell your soul, many hate what they do and the people they do it with and compromise who they really are.  These negative beliefs will control how you relate to and attract money unless you address your relationship with money.

What did you learn from your family and childhood about how to view and relate to money? Was it with power or weakness, secrecy or openness, shame or pride, courage or fear, love or hatred, resentment or happy expectation, who controlled the money and who gave up the control, here  you may see the patterns in you today that are keeping you from embracing money as a positive energy form in your life.

8 Don’t waste your time

As someone who explores issues of gender identity, unconscious bias and conformity, I see so clearly now how society’s thinks what is feminine and what women should do, be and act like,  these have been so constraining for me over the years personally and professionally. And I can see now how expectations and projections about what is masculine also suppress men from their authentic selves as well. All of these are the expectations and demands on how you should live and behave just can’t lead to a happy life. Stop responding to what you feel is obligation, and start doing what you truly want to do.

9 Let go of pain, anger and resentment
I’m guessing many of you have experienced pain, anger, disappointment, resentment and confusion in your lifetime. From your relationships to your jobs as well as the colleagues who turned on you.  Many of you would have experienced heartbreak that has brought you too your knees. I know you have too. Life is full of incredibly hard bumps that can leave us broken along the way. But life can also be so very beautiful and exciting that can also bring you to your knees with gratitude and humility at the sheer wonder of it.

I’ve learned that it’s a choice to be either consumed with pain and anger, or to find a way to heal and release it. To stay stuck in the hate and devastated dreams, or to find it in your heart to forgive, see your part in it, let go, and move on to keep building a meaningful and rewarding life.

By holding onto the pain and anger it misses the whole point of living. We didn’t come here, to this planet at this time, to spend our entire life here in a state of rage and disillusionment. We came here to learn, grow and thrive. So live it.

Tarot Readings can help with the problem areas within your life, psychic readings can give you the possible outcomes to situations offer guidance and in some cases the courage you need to be able to move forward.

What will your cards reveal for you in 2018.

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