Help heal your emotions with a moon water bath.



The New Moon tomorrow 13th July falls in the sign of Cancer, this new moon is all about, nurturing and nourishing your energy and to help heal your emotions.

I often find that my divination in the hot summer months is very different to other times of the year, and so are my altars. I usually like the Tarot cards but during this time I end up using different cards to guide me and my magical moon practices.

If you can during this New Moon take a few moments to sit quietly and think about what things you are feeling particularly sensitive about, what’s hurting in your life and in your heart right now.

As the sign Cancer is connected to water how about running a bath, pour some lavender oil in surround your bathroom with some rose quartz, light candles and soak in the tub and let your thoughts wander inwards and listen to your intuition.

How about making Moon Water to add to your bath, it has many other uses so make as much as you like, it can be used in many ways such as, personal development, banishing, manifestation spells, healing, anointing, blessings, cleansing, divination, ritual baths, initiations and activating a spells.

Here’s how to go about creating your Moon Water, firstly choose your water from a clean pure source, especially if you’re going to be ingesting it, use an appropriate bottle, glass or ceramic is preferable and it’s easy to clean, you can start charging your water the night before, on the night or the night after the New Moon commences.

Choose a place outside that is safe, flat and where it won’t be disturbed, always cover your bottle of water so nothing falls inside. Then cleanse the area with incense or sage to clear the space, if you like you can place the bottle on a Moon Grid or something that designates that space as sacred. Crystals are often used, I also put a ring of salt around the space where the bottle of water sits for protection.

If you remember, retrieve the water in the early morning hours before the Sun hits it store in a safe place.

If you’re going to drink the water, use within the first 2 weeks if you’ve kept it covered and treat as you would bottle water.

If you’re using as an ingredient in other potions that will not be ingested, water can be kept longer, for example if you’re adding salt to make cleansing ritual water, this can be kept as long as needed.

If you do keep your water for the course of an entire solar year, then discard and make a new batch at that particular Moon sign.

Enjoy the peace and tranquillity the new moon brings and don’t forget to write in your  journal it always good to look back to see how far you have come on your journey.

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