What’s your best day of the week?


This may be useful to you if you know what day of the week you were born on you can goggle it. I was born on a Tuesday. It might help with planning the best days of the week for your psychic or spiritual reading, an event or an important celebration.

SUNDAY – The Sun

Named after the Sun, a symbol of creation, life and renewal

Tarot Link – The Sun

Rune – SOWELU (So-way-loo)

The Summer Solstice – A Lion, vital force, radiant health, bright ideas, clarity about that which was hidden, A boost in personal power, self-confidence, warmth or warm places.

Sundays are best for – An excellent day for social parties & events any out­-door celebrations, children’s parties, especially weddings, short trips, rejuvenation, banishing negativity or sadness, going to the beach or picnics, even starting a health / fitness plan or a holiday.

MONDAY – The Moon

Named after the Moon, which waxes and wanes, moves the tides and reflects light

Tarot Link – The Moon

Rune – LAGUZ (Lagooz)

Water – Rain, a river, a lake or the Sea. The ebb and flow (or tides) of feelings (The Moon.)  Journeys on or over water, being fluid, adaptable or intuitive, seeking true value or real meaning.

Mondays are best for – A day of reflection, quiet achievement,  being or talking to friends and relatives, counselling, spiritual readings, keeping journals/diaries, recording dreams, writing, studying, yoga, massage, healing, sailing or boating on calm waters, swimming, fishing, walking by water.


Named after Tyr’s day. Or Teiwaz, the God or Archetype of the Warrior or Spiritual warrior who made great sacrifices for others.

Tarot Link – Ace of Swords

Rune – TEIWAZ (Ty-warz)

Sacrifice, leadership or mastery, devotion to a cause, justice with social, political, business, military, police or legal issues, sacrifice or self-conquest, courage, calculated risk, facing fears.

Tuesdays are best for – An excellent day for promotion of worthy causes, fund-raising, or political/community campaigns, best day for resolving justice or legal issues, conflict resolution, activities that require self-mastery.


Named after Woden’s day. Or Odin, the God or Archetype of the Wise Eld­er. Like Gandalf in Lord of the Rings, Odin wandered the land dispensing wisdom, using a staff of transformation.

Tarot Link – The Magician

Rune = ANSUZ (Arnsooz)

Messages – The Staff of Odin that links Heaven and Earth, spiritual messages, communication, inspirational music, meetings that inspire, magical solutions, Information that transforms beliefs.

Wednesdays are best for – Communication, regular meetings, advertising, media announcements, lectures or interviews, classes, work-shops and seminars, telephone calls or news can change thinking, poetry, film or music, Internet promotions, radio or television, accuracy and truth.

THURSDAY – Jupiter

Named after Thor’s day. Thor, like Zeus and Jehovah, symbolised awesome power (like lightning), great influence, expansion, victory over ­opposition.

Tarot Link – Chariot

Rune – EHWAZ – Movement

Energy – The horse, progress, willpower and the confidence to undertake a journey or to expand, facing fears and moving forward, motivation, increasing prestige, influence or recognition.

Thursdays are best for – A good day for declaring needs, plans, or political moves, assertiveness, A time for dynamic energy, especially to handle people or to triumph over odds, A day to begin long journeys or drive/travel, work on major projects, or expanding business horizons, creative pursuits.

FRIDAY – Venus

Named after Freya’s day. Or Frigg, wife of Odin, the Goddess or Archetype of Relationship or Unity.

Tarot Link – Two of Cups

Rune – GEBO (Geh-bo) – A Gift

Lovers – Partnership, giving and receiving, mutual benefit, A loving relationship or a business offer, union based on shared respect, mutual obligation.

Fridays are best for – Dating, meeting others, romantic dinners, or cementing business partnerships, A good day for engagement parties, business social events, surprise parties or unexpected gifts, A great time for anniversaries or birth­day outings,  opening an art exhibition, decorating, artistry, craft, or fashion.


Named after Saturn’s Day. This stands for self-discipline, duty, responsibility and karmic obligation.

Tarot Link – Hierophant

Rune – JERA (Jehra)

The Harvest – Guaranteed success when the work is done well, harvest festivals, planting and reaping what is sown, rewards, prosperity, long-term growth, staying power.

Saturdays are best for – A day of rewards for hard work (Saturn) A formal wedding, Events may have a solemn or serious tone, work or duties may be taxing, but can consolidate long-term gain, rituals or traditional ceremonies, important anniversaries, graduation dinner.

( some of this information is taken from the internet )

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