The Death Tarot Card No 13, Lucky For Some.


In all my 12 month tarot readings there is always a transition period this is shown when the death card appears, many people get worried or confused when this shows up in their reading, it’s a positive thing unless of course you really don’t like change, one thing for certain is nothing can never stay the same, we all need to progress on our journey or learn new things and experience new circumstances to grow.

So when the universe begins the process of moving us from one place in life to another, there tends to be an emotional reaction. It is best at this time to let go of your expectations of timing or change so that the universe has room to deliver, not all changes will be major sometimes little adjustments are needed to put us on the right track.

Our spiritual evolution consists of two things, lessons and growth, its during the bad times when we are often tested the most. If you have been struggling with some of the symptoms listed below of a transitional phase, just know that there is an ending and you will soon be ready for your new beginning. Whether we’re moving, changing jobs or ending relationships, transitions stir up feelings that can be hard to deal with at times.

Here are the most common reasons we go through change.

  • Spiritual growth
  • Career/financial changes
  • Love and relationship changes
  • Physical/residential moves
  • Becoming a parent

Here are symptoms one may experience at the beginning of a transitional phase.

  • Confusion about which choice to make or direction to take in life, in general
  • Feeling unusually down, overly tired or sluggish with your daily routine
  • Not having good time management skills, when you’re normally on top of things
  • Randomly freaking out over a situation you thought was no longer an issue
  • Strange moodiness
  • Knowing that something is missing, but you can’t put your finger on it
  • Having feelings of lethargy or boredom that comes out of nowhere
  • Constantly dwelling about a specific topic in a negative manner
  • Second-guessing yourself when you usually possess a high level of confidence

On a more positive note, here are some of ways to know when you are transitioning as well.

  • You become obsessive about discarding things or people that doesn’t match your vibe
  • Your intuition suddenly becomes stronger and the messages more clear
  • The “little” psychic predictions start coming to fruition on time
  • You begin to add new or more exciting things to your daily routine
  • Having faith in the unknown becomes easier
  • Self-confidence increases and you believe in yourself more
  • There’s a strong desire to break unhealthy habits
  • You start going to places or accept invites to events you would normally avoid
  • The motivation to create positive change returns

I often get asked, why am I having so much trouble letting go….

The answer to this question can be obvious to some and surprising to others. During a breakup, for example, we may be aware of missing our former partner, by asking ourselves why when maybe the relationship wasn’t that great, can reveal deeper anxieties, fears of being alone, of financial instability, of being less brave than we thought we were. Acknowledging the more surprising truths is a difficult but necessary first step.

So what can we do let go…

Once we know why, we can figure out how and give yourselves a plan of action even if the cards tell you to wait it out a while at least you’re not passively wallowing. We need to acknowledge when something no longer serves us and embrace a different path than we may have planned for ourselves, it is a journey of healing in which we come to accept the past has past and begin the process of figuring out what’s next. It may require you to examine subconscious reasons for lingering over what you’re leaving behind.

When we struggle with change, it’s often because we can’t see past our limiting thought patterns. The Tarot reading had told you when something was going happen, were you too caught up in your limited perspective to have faith in the message that was given.

During this time of change you may be surprised at your inner strength and your ability to make new plans. You may also be surprised at who wants to support you with good advice, a job, or space to find your feet again.

Sometimes being kind to ourselves and others can lift our spirits and give us new perspective. Finding out who can you rely on and who out of your your friends are there to support you and bring joy into your life when things get difficult.  You will find the strenght that you need and have more courage than you gave yourself credit for.

How can we gain clarity …..

You may find it best to break this into two separate questions if you’re taking the time to dig deep:  Firstly figure out where you want to go, and what can you do to get there. This is really where you take life by the reins. You are never helpless to change your situation even if you just try altering your approach to it.  Embrace commitment to your path and the authority you have over your own life.

Lastly, every end is a beginning that we should embrace with an open mind and heart.

It’s true that change is hard, but if we’re honest with ourselves about our subconscious anxieties, we can empower ourselves with self knowledge and choose a rewarding path forward.

Has having a Tarot reading ever helped you through a period of transition I would like to know.

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