Spiritual Tribe


I’m looking for a few new people to join my development circle it’s held once a month on a Monday evening. I will guide you through the techniques to help you enhance or psychic and mediumship skills.

Here are some of the subjects and techniques we cover, opening up, grounding, meditation, protection, closing down, photograph readings, angels, mediumship, spirit guides and how to contact and work with them, how to use a pendulum and other tools.

Contact me if you wish to come along to our November and December circle to give it try, there’s no need to be nervous there are no egos in my classes everyone is learning it doesn’t matter what level you are i adapt to fit your level, we are all on our own personal spiritual journey of discovery.

Circle is not for everyone, but usually after a couple of classes you can tell if you enjoy it and feel comfortable with it.

I do ask that you pay each month in advance of the class by pay pal you must be able to commit to the group and if possible try and attend every month. We start at 7pm finish at 9pm in the summer months we often run over but in the winter we tend to keep to the 2 hours due to some people having to travel in from other areas, these classes are held in Chelmsford.

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