What’s the Numerology of your home?


Many of us are interested in the history of our homes but have you ever given a thought to the number, according to Numerology, every house also has it own personality that you can unlock by understanding your home’s number.

At its most basic level, Numerology is the study of the numbers that make up the Universe.

Numerology has a long history, dating back at least 3,000 years and is practiced by different cultures across the world including the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Chinese, Indians, and Japanese.

Modern Western Numerology is largely based on Greek Numerology, also known as Pythagorean Numerology.

Pythagoras and his followers believed that the Universe was constructed according to a divine geometric plan, which is why the same geometric patterns recur repeatedly throughout nature.

Numerologists believe that everything in the Universe has a number, or a series of numbers, that define its innate character. You have probably heard of the Life Path number, which is determined by your date of birth, this reveals in general how your life will play out, the opportunities you will have, and the lessons you will learn.

Like people, places also have numbers, which reflect the energy of the location. It is possible for people to be compatible or incompatible with a location, you may feel comfortable, or decidedly uncomfortable, in that space. This can explain why some people fall in love with a place the moment that they arrive, while others just don’t feel right in a certain location, despite there being no obvious reason for their discomfort.

To determine the number of your home, you first need to select which part of your address has the most resonance for your home.

To do this, you need to reduce your house number to a single digit from 1 – 9 or one of the three Master Numbers 11, 22, 33, which are special numbers within numerology.

0 is also a significant number within numerology, but as it means infinite possibility, and all things that can possibly be existing, you will never encounter a person or a place that is characterized by the number 0.

To reduce your house number to a single digit or Master Number, you simply need to add the digits together.

For example, 1+9+0+4=14, and then this is to be reduced further 1+4=5, revealing that the number of this home is 5.

Perhaps you live at a named address, for example, Rose Cottage, in this case, the name of the address is more significant than any other part of the address. To calculate the number of this address, assign each letter a number, and add these together until you get a single digit or Master Number.

1 – A, J, S
2 – B, K, T
3 – C, L, U
4 – D, M, V
5 – E, N, W
6 – F, O, X
7 – G, P, Y
8 – H, Q, Z
9 – I, R

So, for Rose Cottage we would determine the number for Rose 9+6+1+5=21, which reduces to 2+1=3. We would then determine the number for Cottage 3+6+2+2+1+7+5=21, which reduces to 2+1=3.

Here, in theory, you would add 3+3 to give you a number of 6 for your home, but as 33 is a Master Number, you would keep 33.

Below are the different home numbers and what they mean.

Home Number 1

This represents independence, innovation, and ambition, and is a great place to live if you are self-employed or an entrepreneur. It is also a space that can help people living together retain their freedom. The space can sometimes breed a lack of cooperation as everyone pursues their own agendas.

Home Number 2

This represents a loving and friendly atmosphere where guests will always feel welcome. It is an excellent number for a family home, promoting harmony and close relationships. The space can easily become highly emotionally charged, so it’s important to cleanse it regularly to maintain harmony.

Home Number 3

This represents a location with a cheerful and upbeat energy, and perhaps a place that sees a lot of social gatherings. It also resonates with a lot of creative energy so is a great space for artistic endeavours. The space can tend to a feeling of being disorganized and unfocused, but clearing the clutter can help with this.

Home Number 4

This represents a solid and secure environment which a lot of discipline and structure. It can lack excitement and feel stifling for some people, however it is also a great energy for setting realistic goals and bringing in wealth. Creating a balanced work and life is important for people who live in this space.

Home Number 5

This represents a gregarious space which always throws up unexpected surprises and adventures. It favours progressive ideas and is a great place to live if you love your freedom. It can be difficult to create a quiet space in this type of home, but creating a tranquil garden or bringing plants indoors can help to balance this energy.

Home Number 6 

This inspires beauty, love, and harmony and vibrates with a balanced energy. It is a space that nurtures and is great for couples. There is a wonderful healing quality to this number, making it a great fit for those who work in a care giving setting. The space can make some people feel overwhelmed by responsibility and can also turn them into homebodies. To help balance this energy, it is important to make time for social or creative activities outside the home.

Home Number 7 

This represents secrets and the desire for privacy. Those seeking a quiet space to reflect and grow, thrive in this kind of environment. This space can leave some people feeling isolated and alone, however it is also great for those seeking spiritual development. This space is also a good fit for writers, artists, and those who need alone time in order to get their ideas out into the world.

Home Number 8

This represents prosperity and abundance, and so is a lucky space for many endeavours. It can be a place that gives people physical energy and can also help boost ambition and the motivation of those living there. The abundance of this space can leave some people with the feeling of always wanting more, and never reaching satisfaction.

Home Number 9 

This represents universal love and compassion and is a space where all people typically feel welcomed and accepted. If you live in a 9 home you will probably find that guests often drop in unexpectedly. This makes it a good space for older couples and for young families. The sharing energy of the space can be a struggle for people who need to take time to work on themselves, but this can be balanced by creating a sacred space in an area of the home.

Home Number 11 

The Master Number 11 represents intuition and illumination, and 11 homes are inspiring and creative places. Living in this space can help to promote innovative ideas and new creations. 11 is a number of light that lends itself to airy spaces that make the most of natural light. Because 11 has such as strong vibration, this kind of space can often bring spiritual tests.

Home Number 22 

The Master Number 22 represents the master builder and the creative energy of the Universe. This is an excellent space to feel grounded, and in control of shaping your world. People who spend a lot of time in this kind of space may feel excessive pressure to create and succeed.

Home Number 33 

The Master Number 33 combines the characteristics of 11 and 22 and represents the altruistic side of life. Locations with the number 33 are often spiritual places, or places where people work to support others, rather than for personal gain. People who live in a 33 space can sometimes feel overwhelmed by responsibility for others.

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