New Year, New You.

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Have you thought about your New Year resolutions? How good are you at keeping to them, they seem simple enough to make at the start of January, how many did you keep too this year I wonder.

I know some of you did you feel stuck in a rut, and like you couldn’t accomplish your goals, often it’s about trying to shift your focus.

Maybe this year try this New Year resolution for a meaningful life by finding your passion, many people have asked how they can discover their personal mission in life.  Have you heard of POPP?

POPP stands for Personality, Opportunity, People, and Places. These four things can help you discover and implement your mission.

They are the key to discovering your particular mission: Look closely at your life experiences and you will see patterns emerge that will direct you toward your calling.

Personality – Your characteristics define your unique nature. The way you think, the way you feel, the way you dress, the way you communicate, the way you look these are all the attributes exclusive to you.

Your temperament and disposition both the positive and the negative, both your qualities and your weaknesses are all signs leading you to your mission. You can bet that your mission includes using your positive attributes while working on your negative attributes to refine yourself and the world.

Often self-awareness is the first step in mission awareness, self discovery is the first step in mission discovery.  By knowing your own unique personality and you are will be a step closer to understanding your mission.

For example: An artist could use her skill to open up people to new ways of looking at life. A sensitive soul must utilize her empathy to give people hope.

Opportunity – Your family and friends provide various connections, which can open up all sorts of opportunities. Study and education is another sourse of opportunity, also are the resources you have earned or inherited. Different offers will come your way throughout your life. Your family’s business, a friends introduction, even a random encounter may bring you a new opportunity.

You have many opportunities, whether they are professional or personal, learned or inherited. When recognized for what they truly are, these opportunities become markers to discovering and fulfilling your mission.

People – The people you have met and will meet in your life, family, friends, co workers, even those random encounters with strangers all can further direct you in discovering your mission.

These people have their own strengths and weaknesses. The fact that they are part of your life means that your mission includes dealing with them, even if the relationship may be a challenging one. Also, you learn lessons from these people, which teach you about your mission. Any one of these people can also be mentors, helping you discover yourself and your calling.

For example: The hardships and trials that your best friend goes through might teach you about your own capacity to help others.

Places – The places you have been, where you live, where you travel too, are part of your POPP. The routes you take add another dimension to your mission. Each place has its own character and offers unique possibilities. Even an unintentional detour, the one that frustrates the hell out of you, may be an integral part on the path to your mission.

From the mission’s standpoint, when you find yourself in a certain place, you literally find yourselfin that place. And finding yourself in a certain place is also discovering your mission in that place.

For example: By travelling to a country in which the culture is totally different from your own can show you what you truly value and don’t value.

You Are Co-Missioned – The first step in accomplishing your mission is to identify what your mission is. Finding your mission is a challenge because you were not born knowing what it is. Animals have it easy because their missions are pre-programmed into them.

You have the ability to make choices, as a human, you have the unique ability to look at your POPP (your personality, opportunities, people and places) to find out your mission. I expect the fact that us humans do not come with instruction manuals is a sure sign that finding our missions is part of the journey.

It may take some work. It’s always a good idea to talk it over with an objective friend who can help you look at these four areas of your life to see how they may define your mission. The more you invest in this discovery, the clearer your results will be.

Once you come to recognize your calling, you will take on a new and focused direction. In fact, you can say goodbye to your routines, for when you know your mission even the most basic activities are charged with meaning.

Remember that change starts with you. If you are interested in self-improvement but you find it difficult to make changes, then resolve to take an honest look at yourself in the coming year. It’s something which you can do in your own time.

Also learning to forgive is a skill that will free you, learn to forgive yourself when you slip up try again when you’re more focused.

I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. I look forward to working and seeing some of you again soon. Have fun & be merry, stay safe, most of all, be the wonderful you x

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