Pick the tarot card that your drawn too for guidance.


Left Card                            Right Card


Here are the meanings of the cards above. I hope that you like the one that you picked and it resonates with you, as always I love to read your comments x



Left Card – The Hermit

The Hermit suggests that you may need to focus inward or look within for the answers you need to understand or know why your life is the way it is. This new moon a perfect time to take a step back and contemplate your motivations, personal journey and values it’s a bit like soul searching. You may want a new direction in life or you have begun a journey of self discovery or you may even want to change something and not sure how too. Most of us reach a point in life when we begin to question everything knowing that there is a deeper meaning to life or are we filling our potential. You just need to spend some time alone, retreat from the world around you to find purpose or shed of some light on a situation around you.


Right Card – The Magician

If you have decisions to make and you’re not sure what to do and right now you are looking at all your options. This may be in connection to a new skill or starting something new like a business or a new venture. During this moon cycle you can start to accomplish all your goals by utilising the skills that you already have, so look at what are you good at. You will come up with creative ways to solve any problems and you will be able to use your existing knowledge to do a job or project well, for you are probably very good at pulling things together. Maybe you are not using all of the skills or resources that are available to you at this present time, especially if you are worried that a change would be difficult for others to except.

Whats in store for you in 2019


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4 thoughts on “Pick the tarot card that your drawn too for guidance.

  1. I picked the left card which I resonate with so much at the moment. A little of it all entwined. Thank you blessing, peace and love ❤️☺️


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