A little Inspiration for your Soul Tarot Reading.

Hello Angels
Take a moment to focus on the three Tarot cards to see if there is a message for you. Use your intuition to feel if one of the cards is meant for you. When you are ready scroll down for your answer.





May your message for the weekend bring you guidance, love, light & clarity!

Left Card: The Star

the star card

What comes to my mind for you is hope. You may find that you’re leaving behind a time of confusion and disorientation, as you now move towards a brighter period and re- a- line with your soul’s path. Go outside sometime today and look up into the sky so you feel the wonder of the universe. Whether you’re feeling a little lost or alone know that you’re being watched over and protected.

Middle Card: Ace of Cups


When was the last time you fell in love, felt the excitement of passion or inspiration? That swelling of emotions you can feel is the energy that surrounds you now. This card can symbolise a new or re-kindled love, a new rush of emotional energy, or even a heightened sense of empathy for those around you. You are being asked to connect in some way, open your heart and let he love in.

Right Card: High Priestess


The light that shines within you has the potential to illuminate your way through any darkness. When this card appears, we are reminded that the foundation of life itself is love, and that love lives and flows within each of us, waiting to be absorbed and invoked. Let this force influence everything you do learn from the past but don’t let it hold you back.

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