Your week ahead tarot spread


Hello Lovelies,

I hope that I bring some understanding and enlightenment to your life through my mini tarot readings and that I interpret the cards in a easy to understand way, and that my readings speak directly to you and help you in some way.

These are your cards for this week.

Left: Page of Pentacles Reversed


what is the Universe encouraging you to pursue, and why are you hesitating! It maybe a new project, venture or opportunity that is making itself known to you and this is a good time to take up this offer. Take some time to think what it is that may be blocking you from moving forward. Is it self doubt, fears or memories, whatever it is you are strong enough to move beyond them.

Right: Knight of Pentacles Reversed


If you have you been rushing through things lately, then maybe you haven’t been giving something as much attention as it needs. When this Knight appears in this reversed position it can be an indication that we are not focusing on our priorities correctly or efficiently. The next time you have a decision or project to work through, stop, breathe and centre yourself. You may need to move a little slower and steadier to win the race.

Bottom: Ten of Cups

When was the last time you felt completely happy, when this card appears , we are being invited to recognise the joy, bliss and love that exists all round us. In this modern world we aren’t encouraged to appreciate what we already have, but instead, conditioned into thinking about what we lack, need and want ‘next’. Take sometime this week to really look at your life; you already have so much to be grateful for. Have some down time try to relax a bit and take time to recognise this.

Have a good week everyone, you know where to find me if you need a little guidance 🙂

Whats in store for you in 2019

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