A little Inspiration for your Soul Tarot Reading.



Hello Angels
Take a moment to focus on the three Tarot cards to see if there is a message for you. Use your intuition to feel if one of the cards is meant for you. When you are ready scroll down for your answer.


May your message for the weekend bring you guidance, love, light & clarity!


Right Card: Four of Wands


Whatever you have been working hard on, you may be starting to see the finish line, which is cause for a celebration in its self. The appearance of this card in any situation requires us to rejoice in what we have achieved and learned. The beginning may have been challenging, but where you have come was well worth the journey. Take some time this week to reflect on all of the things you have gained along the way, it is important to recognise and celebrate your achievements for you are no longer who you were.  This is a beginning of new chapter in your life.

Middle Card: Ace of Swords


Did you know that your thoughts are powerful they can often act as the gateway to the reality you manifest. When this card appears, we are being shown just how important our mental energy is and how much we can do with it, take a moment to think about how you are directing your thoughts. Where are they taking you day-to-day are they positive and constructive, most of all are you in control of them, or are they in controlling of you .Today is a great time to reflect on the power of your mind.

Left Card: Judgment


With the New Year just starting and the Super Full Moon is upon us take a moment to think about your dreams and desires. What is it you have always dreamed of doing, who have you always dreamed of being, do you want to change something in your life. What is it that’s holding you back? You are being called to realise your dreams and destiny, take charge for life is too short to do or be anything else.

Whats in store for you in 2019

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