Create your own kinda magic using the tarot.

Tarot Reading Course

Maybe you have been trying to read the Tarot cards for a while and have been teaching yourself, with so much information out there you may feel a little confused perhaps you have now  reached a point where you want to completely understand the meanings so you can gain more confidence.

Most of us start out reading for friends and family and now you have done a few you probably want to make sure that you offer good quality readings so that you meet their expectations.

Doing this beginners course you will learn all the meanings of all the 78 Tarot Cards.

I teach you the simple yet powerful techniques to interpret the cards with meaning, depth and accuracy. I’ll also guide you in how to create a personal and intuitive connection with your Tarot pack, making it easier for you to interpret the cards in your own way.

You will learn how to lay out your readings, how to choose the right spread and trust your intuition.

These courses are limited to small groups, it is intense you will be learning for most of the day so you will need to bring your lunch and snacks.

The best bit is that you will make some new like minded friends and begin your wonderful journey creating your own kind of magic as you become a more confident using the tarot.

If this feels like something you would like to do then drop me a message.

Just have a look at the feed back before you decide see what others thought of the course Train to be a tarot reader

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