Full Moon Tarot Reading

super moon tarot spread

Hello Lovelies,

We have the next Full Moon on Tues 19th Feb, I wonder what message this wonderful Moon in the sign of Virgo will bring you 🙂

Just take a moment to focus on the cards, use your intuition to pick one of the cards.

When you are ready scroll down for your answers.

These are your cards for this coming week.

1: The Chariot


Often the hardest battles is the one that we have with ourselves… What is it that’s bothering you that you can’t make your mind up about? This week you will need to be still to think and try to make a decision so you can take back some control in your life. It‘s time to gather your courage and make some choices, do some healing on yourself then let any pain go and trust that all will be well. You are a source of unlimited power and wisdom it exists within you just need to realise it’s there.

2: Knig of Cups


Ask yourself what emotions are you feeling at the moment, do you feel it in your heart or your head? Before making major decisions you are being asked to recognise and tune in to the raw power of your emotions. If you allowed your heart to direct you, where would you be and where would you go… This week consider how you actually feel about certain people or relationships, perhaps it’s something else that’s brothering you and getting you all fired up. You may on reflection discover a more empathetic, passionate version of yourself that is waiting to emerge.

3: Three of Cups


When was the last time you celebrated or went out for a night with your friends and really enjoyed yourself, read a good book or watched your favourite movie. What are you doing to nurture yourself and your creativity? You are being inspired by this current Moon in Virgo to recognise your need for self expression, maybe it’s a call  to start or progress on your spiritual journey and spend time being with people that are like you. Take time this week to research and invest in your creative side you never know what you might discover.

4:The Hermit


When the Hermit appears it may be time to pay yourself a much over due visit. How are you doing with everything that’s going on around you? When was the last time you sat in complete silence shut away from the world. I bet it’s been a while! May be it’s about time you took a few minutes to be still and just breath and while you’re doing this write out your Full Moon intentions or just count your blessings. It’s only when we’re in complete isolation from all the noise around us, that we‘re truly able to tune in to our intuition properly and reconnect with our inner goddess.

Have a good week everyone x

If you would like your own personal reading you can book one via my website. Perhaps you fancy learning the tarot to do readings for your friends or yourself I have a new course starting soon if you’re interested to know more you can view the post on my website.

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