Empowering you with this months Mercury Retrograde.


This is a very informative reading and you can be sure that I will be doing this one myself! Heaven knows I have spent many Mercury Retrograde hoping to get by unscathed by the effects that occur during this planetary cycle.

This is not necessarily a time for fear or worry but rather a time of new opportunities, with our next retrograde starting on 5th March and staying pretty much for most of the month.

You probably have seen plenty advice on what you shouldn’t do, how about I help you with what you can or should do? Find out why it affects you and those close you and how you can use this cycle for your own personal growth a lot actually depends on what your Astrological  Sign.

By picking this reading, you no longer have to be on the defence, but instead you can be fully prepared to take on any challenge that may present itself. You know the saying, being forewarned is forearmed, this reading gives you the knowledge to take back and work with your power.

You can use these energies to regain control and navigate any pit falls and come out the other side, wiser and perhaps better than when it started 🙂

Please allow 48 hours to receive your reading, I do my best to work quickly. So if you are feeling like you’re stuck in a rut and nothing seems to working and going in your favour why not message me to book your reading.

This reading is just £40 to my exciting clients £45 for new clients.

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