Candle Magic & Manifesting Workshop

Candle Magic

I’m excited to announce a new date for my Candle Magic workshop!

Carve your wishes into wax and create a lovely candle to use for setting your Moon intentions, it acts as a magical beacon that helps manifests your desires in to your life and it looks lovely on your altar.

Don’t worry if you’re new to manifesting or working with the moon cycles this is suitable for everyone.

We begin with a brief history on candle magic & creating a Sigil then you start carving your candle.

You will end up with a wonderful manifesting moon candle tailored to your specific needs & the knowledge to keep creating your own magic!

The first date will be Sunday 14th April the cost is £25.00.

I’m also available for group bookings if you would like to host this or any of my workshops in the comfort of your own home with your friends & family.

For more info message me or email


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