Pick your Moon card – Left or Right ?

Magic & Glitter Moon Card Readings

Hello my lovelies,

Happy Easter !
I hope that you all have had time to enjoy the sunshine over the weekend.

Just take a moment to focus on the Moon cards above, use your intuition to pick either the Left or Right card.

When you are ready, scroll down to see your message.



Magic & Glitter Moon Card Reading

Left Card – A personal issue reaches resolution.

The Full Moon in Cancer is an emotional sign, so it’s important at this time to be sensitive to others feelings especially if they may have been a litte bit touchy lately, it can mean that a family issue finally comes to a head as things get a bit heated. If you have fallen out with someone recently it’s a good time to step up, sort it out and stop sulking then hopefully you can make up and all gets resolved. For some, it’s also a good time to move house if you have been thinking or looking to buy a new home or sell somewhere, then don’t worry it should work out for you in the near future  and everything will be just fine.

Right Card – A Win – Win outcome is forecast.

The Full Moon in Libra is the sign of relationships, for some of you its falling in love or re kindling a love and for others it’s a relationship that has run its course, things are changing or coming to a climax as they usually do during the Full Moon phase. Remember the saying, people come and go sometimes it’s for a reason and sometimes it’s for a season, if this is the case for you then maybe you need a little time to just focus on yourself for a while. If you’re looking for love then it could be right around the corner 🙂 except all the invitations to socialize and get yourself in a happy mind space and get yourself out there.

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