Full Moon in Sagittarius 17th June

Full Moon

What a wonderful Strawberry Moon we have next week and such a lovely energy it brings with it 🙂 for many it may feel that you are or have been searching for something but not sure what it is, perhaps you need to find something that gives your life a bit more meaning, maybe it’s a new goal to get your teeth into or trying something new that you have always wanted to do, for some it might be a new love interest or more romance.

During this Moon phase you will be more optimistic and feel more able to achieve your goals even if things have been a little rough for you lately, you will now be more positive and have increased creativity, which is good for those that are self employed although I must stress that you should not try to take any short cuts as they won’t pay off and try to be realistic to how much time you can put into your new projects.

Most of us will benefit by keeping busy will help with any negative thoughts or doubts that can creep in, as the Moon energy can unsettle those that are more sensitive to the Moon and its cycles.

Don’t forget to set your intentions, I find its better writing them down and lighting a candle while having some quite time.

Full Moons are good for clearing and getting rid of things that no longer serve us including emotional baggage you could try writing down the things that you need to let go of and burning them in a little ritual.

Also, I do my mini Moon readings for a few days during the New and Full Moon phases using the energy of the cycle you can book yours on the bookings link my website if you fancy having one.

By for now my fellow Moon lovers 🙂

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