Whats your angel message ?

Magic & Glitter

Morning Lovelies,

Just take a moment to focus on the cards above, use your intuition to guide you then pick one or two of the cards, when you are ready scroll down to read your message.

Here are your angel messages, I really hope that the one you picked resonates with you, remember that you call upon that angel for help and guidance whenever you need to. x

Left Card – Archangel Raguel


If you picked this card you can expect peace and harmony to enter your life if things have been a bit difficult for you lately, your angels have been working behind the scenes trying to guide you away from any conflict. Stand back for a while and trust that things will get resolved with a fair and peaceful outcome, often this is in connection to our close relationships maybe a romantic partner or a family member. Raguel is the angel of harmony he helps us to remember the good times within our relationships and encourages us to make amends.

Middle Card – Archangel Haniel


If you picked this card I would probably guess that you are a very sensitive soul. We have major energy shifts coming during July and in a few days we have a new Moon, some of you may need to acknowledge and learn how to deal with some of your emotions in more positive way especially if you are Cancer or a water sign. Perhaps be honest with yourself do you need to let go of upset from the past maybe things that still make you cry or angry. This is a good time to start letting go and do some personal clearing.  Haniel is the goddess of the Moon and she will help you connect with your deepest emotions.

Right Card – Archangel Jeremiel


If you picked this card, things have probably been a bit challenging so far on your life journey, try to look for the positive in all you have been through and not to give yourself a hard time, forgive yourself for your past mistakes and let go of any regrets, try to forgive others this will help you move forward on your spiritual journey. You will feel like a weigh has been lifted from you remember blocked emotions often show up in the body as aliments or feelings of depression, how have you been feeling lately? Jeremiel means mercy of God he allows you to look back over your life and gain clarity.

Have a good week everyone, you know where to find me if you need some guidance.

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