Pick your Moon card, left or right.

Magic & Glitter Moon Card Readings

Hello my lovelies,

I hope that you all have had a good weekend.

We have a the next Full Moon on 16th July to get some guidance on what the coming week holds for you take a moment to focus on the Moon cards above, use your intuition to pick either the Left or Right card.

When you are ready, scroll down to see your message.


Left Card

Moon Card

It’s time to take action

As the Full Moon in Capricorn approaches it’s an important time to be clear about what you want to achieve in the next few months and set your goals and maybe draw up a plan of action. You will need to be brave and get yourself out there and start mingling, if it’s a new love interest then join a dating site or a net working group if you want to start a new business venture. For some of you it’s also a good time to move house if you have been thinking or looking for somewhere new. Just remember whatever you do, treat people well on your journey you don’t want to create any bad karma, a little kindness goes along way, if it’s been a difficult time for you lately then make a constructive effort to turn things around, starting today.


Right Card

Moon Card (2)

What do you need to release?

Life always goes in cycles you get your good times and your bad, the trick is learning to recognise the bad times as more of a down time or a time to re – evaluate your life to see what needs to change or what you need to let go of, for some of you it will be emotional baggage, you know those thoughts and feelings that get you down when your alone. Now would be the time either move on or let go. If you need to say sorry to someone you have upset and make amends then do it to free your thoughts so you’re not feeling the burden, ok maybe they don’t deserve it, but you do. If you have been feeling anxious then try doing meditation or yoga these feelings often stem from unresolved issues or clinging to things that no longer serve you. You will start to see things differently within the next few months, just as the cycle will change from summer to autumn, so will you, put in the work now so you can harvest the rewards of all your efforts.

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