Angels & Feathers


Angels & Feathers.png

I’m always finding feathers, I found one today in fact.  I love seeing them and when I do I just thank the angels for their presence and use the feather as a reminder to be present in the moment, or take note of the meaning which may help and reassure.

We all know that angels leave white feathers but sometimes they leave feathers of other colours too. This is a little guide to help you.

A white feather is the most common gift. Which means simply, I am around you and everything will be ok.

Black Feathers are most often found during times of crisis. Usually we are already having problems and the black feather means, I am aware of your current life difficulties and we are helping and supporting you.

Yellow Feathers, your angel is saying, congratulations, enjoy. Things are going well for you right now.

Pink Feathers, your angels are joining in with the fun in your life or maybe giving you a little nudge to chill and have more fun and smile more.

Blue Feathers its time for calm and peace in your life. Find space in your life for serenity by taking a walk by water or try meditating.

Red Feathers, passion and love. Finding a feather with red on means, we are helping with matters of the heart.

Green Feathers, your angels send you healing. Help by taking good care of your body and spiritual wellbeing

Grey Feathers, things may not be alright just now, but we are working on the problem. Be open to our signs and follow our guidance try to be patient whilst we put things into place for you.

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One thought on “Angels & Feathers

  1. Hi, Tracie! This is really amazing! I could not argue that white is the common one but I didn’t know that it is the meaning of it, just now. From now on, I would remember that my angel is always with me whenever I see one. I remember seeing an orange one, what could that possibly mean? It really makes me wonder, I wish you could tell me. Keep us inspired as always. xoxo


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