Dowsing Rods, Lost Items, Spirits, Auras & Energy Workshop

Dowsing Rods, Lost Items, Spirits, Auras & Energy Workshop.jpg

Have you heard of dowsing rods, they can be used for so many things from Feng Shui to locate water, measure auras, locate spirits and find lost items.

You can ask your dowsing rods to help you find missing items, they will begin to move slowly back and forth one will begin to point you in the direction that you need to walk, if you begin to go the wrong way the dowsing rod will point back hitting your shoulder, which means you need to turn around. You can ask them if the item is in a specific room and they will cross for no and open wide for yes. Then when you walk in to the room they will point where the item is.

There are others methods of dowsing using a pendulum, I often use my pendulum if I’m asked to find something where distance maybe an issue, I then use maps or by drawing room lay outs.

You can locate spirits in your house using rods also energy flow or lay lines and of course you can use them for one of the most popular methods, ghost hunting.

The dowsing rods can also answer simple yes or no questions, once you find for your yes or no or instance for no answers the rods may cross each other. For yes answers the rods will open wide. If they do not know the answer they will stay parallel pointing straight ahead. If they are not certain of the yes answer they will open slightly.

In this fun workshop we will cover many methods and ways to use the rods you will also need to bring a pendulum.

I will run one on a Weds evening and the other on a Sunday in October if you would like to come along message me. Cost per person £25.00, this workshop is also available for group bookings.

Dowsing rods can be purchased online. There are many different types of dowsing rods pick the ones your drawn too, I like copper ones.

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