Which card will you pick ?


Morning lovelies, did you know that the Queens in the Tarot pack stand for different types of women and some of meanings can relate to personalities, traits and star signs.

Just take a moment to focus on the four cards above, use your intuition to pick the one you are drawn too.

When you are ready, scroll down to read your message.

1.The Queen of Wands – Represents the fire signs – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Queen of Wands

You are confident, fiery and outgoing and more than capable of taking charge when you have to and can usually handle being around many types of people. When people first meet you, they come away thinking what an amazing, bright, interesting person you are and your love of life attracts everyone to you. You prefer to keep busy and active and enjoy a good social life but at times you want to withdraw from the world to find your inner peace. You are incredibly loyal and would go to the ends of the earth for anyone you love, but partners and potential lovers had better watch out if you feel that you are not getting enough attention. Get out in the fresh air and do something adventurous that is maybe out of your normal comfort zone.

2.The Queen of Pentacles – Represents the earth signs – Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo.

Queen of Pentacles.jpg

You are generally practical and down to earth, and always ready to give your support wherever it is needed. You can tackle almost any problem that life throws at you and work through most things in a slow and steady way. People feel that they can really trust you and that you are always there for them. If things start to change a bit too fast for your liking you can become a bit resistant and dig your heals in, you like everything to be stable and perhaps a bit too predictable you can get a bit thrown if things get too unpredictable. When it comes to romance, you are looking to settle down and grow old with someone rather than have drama you definitely have a strong sensual side but if it means you miss out on a little excitement in favour of stability so be it. Take up something a little out of your comfort zone like rock climbing or rambling.

3.The Queen of Cups – Represents the water signs – Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio.

Queen of Cups

You are very sensitive, often when people meet you they will feel that they can tell you anything and you would end up getting their life story. You can pick up on emotional undercurrents and are especially good at knowing when people are upset. You mostly let your heart rule your head, and find that you get really down for no reason and at time can have a tendency spiral into negative thought patterns. You will stick by people through tough times long after a point at which many other people would have walked away.  Relationships are best for you when you feel that you are connecting deeply on every level and any partner of yours has to be able to open up and share their innermost thoughts and feelings as you hate having to second guess what’s going on. Maybe learn to go with the flow more and not worry so much, remember to take time to breathe and allow yourself to feel all of your emotions.

4.The Queen of Swords – Represents the air signs – Aquarius, Gemini and Libra.

Queen of Swords

Independent and strong willed you are more than ready to take action when you need to but you like to tackle things with all of the facts at hand. Often fearless when it comes to getting to the bottom of any hidden agendas around you, even though you are great at solving problems, you can be a bit of a snoop and are quite prepared to do a bit of spying and skulduggery if you feel that it’s necessary. You can leave out the human touch and tend to rely more on taking action rather than offering sympathy because you believe in taking positive steps to tackle difficult situations and do not understand it when you see others are unhappy and not doing anything about it. When it comes to love, you want to be equal with your partner and will not play second fiddle.  Your partner needs to be as quick witted as you or you will become bored. Have you thought of writing a book you would have great fun discussing your ideas with your friends.

Now you have read your card try to connect with the energy of the Queen that you picked, for some you may think that it’s not exactly like you, often there is a subtle message if anything resonates with you, use it to make any little positive changes within your life.

Have a good week everyone, you know where to find me if you need some guidance

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