Pick your card, Left or Right

Left or Right

Hello Lovelies,

I hope that I bring some understanding and enlightenment to your life through my weekly mini tarot readings and that I interpret the cards in a way that’s easy to understand and that they inspire and help you in some way.

Just take a moment to focus on the cards, use your intuition to pick either the Left or Right one.

When you are ready, scroll down for your answers.

These are your cards for this coming week.


Left Card

The Sun Card.jpg

The Sun is often seen more as a masculine energy, fiery, creative and passionate. I wonder has your light dimed a little lately have you felt that you have given away your power? could it be that you had lost your way having struggled through many dark times where nothing ever seemed to right for you, if so then now you should feel that you know yourself pretty well for you will have gained a new level of insight and understanding, it’s not all doom and gloom, for you will now regain your strength and shine brightly and your creative energy will flourish. I expect for some this may affect those around you for they may not like that you have regained control but you must remember that you are the master of your own destiny and you can do whatever serves you best, so now as you enter this new phase in your life be bold and be brave, for you can do anything that you set your mind too.

Right Card

Knight of Pentacles.jpg

Knight of Pentacles, slowly you will get all that you wish for in life reaping the rewards of your hard work, as you grow money will come to you, but you will have to continue to work hard for it. The future is showing something that you do now will grow and expand just as you have always hoped, in the meantime remember as you go along your journey you will always find that you will have what you need. Some of you are a bit too stubborn and focused on your goals for your own good, try compromising a little sometimes, it will help improve your close relationships because others needs are important too so let them do something that means something to them, don’t worry they will always keep to promises and stay true to their commitments, all relationships including yours needs a little space and work to continue to grow.

Have a good week everyone, you know where to find me if you need some guidance

My email readings are carefully tailored to help and guide you in all areas of life; there are various types of readings available on my website. Face time is the most popular option.

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