Love & Relationship Readings

Love Readings

Nothing can compare to the heady feeling of being in love, it can either make us ecstatic or do our head in emotionally by throwing our thoughts all over the place.

We tend to concentrate on the wonderful feelings that we get when we first meet Mr Right. We think about that person constantly, can’t eat and can’t sleep.

We all desire to experience a wonderful relationship with that special person. Sadly all too often relationships end due to misunderstandings.

We sometimes already have that fantasy in our heads about what they will be like. When we realise that they often fall short of our expectations and for a time we can be filled with doubts and confusion where things are heading.

If you’re unsure about going into a relationship or staying in your present relationship, a reading can help you gain some insight on how to fix things, to decide whether to stay or perhaps how to move on and find a new love.

Special Offer on love & Relationship readings until the end of Oct – £20.00  on Face Time & Skype only. If you would like a reading by email please visit the book a reading page and follow the instructions.


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