Left or Right which card will you pick ?

Hello, Lovelies,

I hope that I bring some understanding and enlightenment to your life through my weekly mini tarot readings and that I interpret the cards in a way that’s easy to understand and that they inspire and help you in some way.

Just take a moment to focus on the cards, use your intuition to pick either the Left or Right one.leftorright.jpg

When you are ready, scroll down for your answers

These are your cards for this week.


Left Card – Ten of Swords

Ten of Swords

We all have wounds that we need to heal, regardless if they’re old or new. If you’re being drawn to a certain part of your darkness and you don’t know why. If there’s something that feels remembered in your sadness or sorrows you may be feeling karmic wounds. You are incarnated with certain people from life to life to teach you a lesson in some way, shape or form. And sometimes when we encounter people we’ve known before, the lessons and hurts they teach us to bring up our karmic past, and parts of our souls that are hard to reach. If you feel you have reached the end of the road then it’s time to pick yourself up and to reflect upon what happened to you and why and what you can learn from the experience. This week be kind to yourself but remember you can also start to look ahead and move forward.

Right Card – Temperance


I always call this my guardian angel card. You have someone looking after you and guiding you during a recent difficult or emotional time. Try to stop now and again to take a breath and sit quietly and look out for the signs that your loved ones are around you. This card is also about patients and timing try not to feel that you need to rush everything just let a situation sort its self out at its natural pace. Being calm and balanced is what will help you to achieve a positive outcome and lead to more fulfilment in your life. If any of these resonate with you, then ask yourself if you need to take a step back are you pushing things and nothing seems to be going in the right direction, maybe you need to learn to be calmer and not get so stressed. Sometimes it’s as simple as wanting to be in your comfort zone if others are changing, is it you that’s having trouble dealing with change and anything new.

Have a good week everyone, you know where to find me if you need some guidance.

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Also during this week, I will be launching my new website, I’m sure you will love it.

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One thought on “Left or Right which card will you pick ?

  1. Thank you for the cards Tracie they are good guidance. May you have many blessings. Love peace and light be with you always. Xxxx Margaret Patricia Grey xx



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