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Feedback from Some of my clients.

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Hi Tracie, I have just had my first relationship reading with Tracie. I have been having the 12 month forecast readings with Tracie for a couple of years now. She is absolutely spot on every time. I am always astounded by her accuracy and precision over such a time period. But mostly, what is good about Tracie’s readings is her insight and understanding of why things are happening. Karmically, what lessons we have to learn and how we can manage challenges for our greater good to create the best outcome. Traces readings have become an essential part of my life now so I can be prepared for what is coming. I do this to enable my life to run as smoothly as possible and so that my life can be as fulfilled as possible. I have a better understanding of my relationships with those closest to me, the part I play and where I can improve situations that aren’t running as smoothly as I would like. I love that Tracie presents her readings in a very down to earth and practical everyday way and of course I treasure messages from my grandparents. Tracie thank you so much for another wonderful reading, full of advice and much needed insight. I will no doubt be in touch again in the near future. Lots of love, Sarah.

Hello Tracie, & thank you for your if you don’t mind me saying scary but accurate spot on email. I lived in London for 52 years & when it was the anniversaries of my late parents passing I would always go & see a medium as dates are special to me. I am very judgmental & expect the best. I moved to Essex over a year now & thought where am I going to find a good medium? Well they say nothing is by chance! I went into a shop in.Chelmsford & was told about a good medium….I came away & thought there is no one as good as the one I saw in London but felt I had to give her a chance as going back to London was to expensive. So I emailed Tracie & soon I got the reply! ….After reading the email again & again I was pleasantly surprised but how could this lady tune into me so accurate. Well the medium in London could only do that as I am so fussy. The dates Tracie gave me & where I was going with my life soon woke me up so to speak. I do find it hard making decisions that’s me & my family are my world…..So I reflected & asked for an ..Angel reading which flew back at me & again woke me up. I can be quite stubborn with guidance & direction. I told my daughter in law & she was amused but curious so hence wanted a reading. She bless her came back to me feeling just like I had but so impressed. I can now say that Tracie is just like George who I went to for readings & on the same wave length who funny enough lives in Essex but he won’t mind me saying that. …So thank you lovely for your compassion & honesty…….Who will I go to again? Tracie & if in London George! ……I will say just if you want a honest reading & value for money Tracie is the one & won’t let you down ….God bless lovely & keep the good work up …Oh & I found your sense of humor a blessing & funny..Keep going & may your spirits always guide you Ann xx

I’ve just had the amazing reading from Tracie Pixie Long she used her shaman cards and what she told me was so accurate it was mind blowing. How she tell me things about myself past and present was truly unbelievable so would highly recommend a reading to anyone thank you Tracie x

Tracie, thank you so much for your email reading tonight. It was a great follow on from your last reading which was so helpful and absolutely spot on month by month, guiding me through the ups and downs and allowing me to be prepared for what was coming, the good times as well as the bad. I feel like I can get more out of life with your foresight. Not only are you able to see events clearly but give great advice and explanation. I am very much looking forward to my next chapter… xx

On Sunday I had an email reading from the lovely Tracie. The reading surprised me. How Tracie picked up on one of my grandchildren was so very accurate and could not know this. When she spoke about my late father I got quite emotional. There was so much clarity in the messages. I feel now I can move on & look forward not back. Thank you Tracie for such a validation reading & the months ahead. I certainly recommend Tracie for an email reading. I have read it now about six times. Thank you so very much ….Ann ♡ ♡♡

One amazing lady x

Thank you so much for the reading Tracie You accurately told me about something that is going on the moment that has never been mentioned on Face book. Thank you also for your gentle advice and for providing a compassionate ear with regards to the same. I would recommend you as a reader to anyone. Xxx

Thank u so much for d meeting yesterday Tracie, absolutely fab, wish u the best if Irish luck and charm, hope to c u again soon xxxxx love and light xxx

Just want to say thank you for the reading today …it lifted a lot of troubles and gives me hope on more things…

Thanks so much for a great reading 2day so happy I went 🙂

Thanks very much for today Tracie you were fantastic. Melissa xx

Thank you for my reading, it was so accurate xxx

It was a pleasure to witness such an accurate account of what’s going on and the hope that your message brought for what’s coming ahead. Thank you.
Thank you, oh and just to let you know the last time you did a reading for me you saw a family get together and hoped it wasn’t a family funeral, spot on, it was a funeral! And you said I would hear of a pregnancy, well I did and the baby was born in May! Your amazing thanks x

Thanx Tracie for the reading, it was spot on. I recommend everyone to have a reading from Tracie. xxx

Dear Tracie,
I imagine it is always wonderful to receive feedback, so I thought I should reply to let you know how things have been coming along. I let go of a friendship with a guy I had been in love with for years and quite frankly was just hurting me the more. I have weaker moments when we still talk but I don’t let him use me as he used to which was killing me inside. I recently got a wonderful new job that I am so excited about and hope to move in to my first new flat very soon. Whilst none of the above still does not give me the love and relationship I want, I have more love for me. And I guess we cannot ask for more than that.
I am a much happier person and have found it wonderful to tick off things from your reading as they happen. In the picture I sent you I was wearing my Nan’s necklace who passed away a few years back. I speak to my Nan and granddad everyday and was wonderful to know that they are listening wherever they are now.
You have a marvellous skill. Kind regards, Katie (posted with permission from Katie)

Hello. Just a message to let you know that you were right. I asked u back in July if u knew sex of my baby. I was told today at my scan it’s a girl. Thank you xx

So…..Today I met and had a reading from a remarkable Medium (Tracie Pixie Long).we also had a lot in common going on so Spirit and the Angels had obviously been behind the totally un-planned and random meeting putting us in the same place at that time. She was remarkably accurate and if you want to see what a good Medium is like when the Spirits connect Tracie would be a great example.

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127 thoughts on “Comments & Feedback

    1. Had a shamanic healing with Tracie yesterday for my problems with severe anxiety and fear. She identified that 2 of my chakras were severely closed. She then took me on a journey through meditation to explore my past life and traumas in this current life. I was able to identify what had caused this constant feeling of anxiety and fear. I now understand what caused it. This allowed me to take back control of my mind and body and i now feel a big change in myself. Thanks Tracie, will come back if i ever need help in the future.


  1. Thank you Tracie for coming back so quickly & for typing out such a detailed year. I look forward to seeing how it pans out. I must say the intro is exactly what’s going with me at the moment with me!!

    Justine x


  2. I had a 12 month reading with Tracie Nov 2018 along with my Mother and Sister, individually though of course. Tracie was very accurate with information about me and also my late Father, Tracie gave us all some great guidance for the year ahead. I would definately recommend to anyone and will definately me visiting Tracie again.


  3. Thank you ever so much Tracie, the reading is brilliant, I read some of it in the bank but it made me cry so had to stop! I’m going to read it loads of times as it’s so helpful & full of much needed comfort. Thank so so much, you are incredibly gifted & have made me feel so much better in a really stressful situation, Fiona xxx


  4. Thank you Tracie for another brilliant reading. Every time my life becomes too stressful to cope with I turn to you and the guidance you give is so spot on and reassuring that all becomes easier to deal with as a clear direction is revealed by your gentle encouraging and perfectly in tune comments. My children and I use your amazing 12 month readings every year to guide us through and work out the tricky stages with reassurance and hope from your incredible insight into every situation. You are simply the best!!! Xxx


  5. Thank you for my latest reading Tracie. I knew there would have to be some changes in my life this year and thanks to your reading I can see there are. I like your readings because they are laid out so I can see what I need to focus on each month to achieve my best outcome. So insightful. Much love, Sarah


  6. Dear Tracie.
    Thankyou so much for my reading, as normal a lot of information for me to get through..
    I have a very busy year ahead of me, with quite a lot going on according to my tarot reading, and i will try very hard to not let my emotions get the better of me..
    I will keep in touch throughout the year yo let you know how i am getting on..
    Keeley. xx


  7. Thank you Tracie so much for my reading today. I had been having a tough time recently what with one thing and another. After chatting with Tracie and having a reading it made everything make sense she was spot on with all the things I’ve been going through and helped me see things more clearly and what I have to do to help move forward with my life. Thanks again Tracie .


  8. An incredibly indepth love/relationship reading, thank you Tracie for opening up and making clear situations that seem overwhelming from within. You have hit so many points bang on so I can now make sense of it and move through using your advice and insight. Thank you so so much xx


  9. I would just like to thankyou for yet another brilliantly spot on reading. You have provided me insight into my current and past situations and the depth of the reading you give me is amazing. You have picked up on many things that no one ever has ! I have done and always will turn to you to give me guidance when i need to put things into perspective
    Your readings have definately gave me hope before and continue to do so which will result in a brighter future for me. I find the heads up or look out for this etc really helpful.
    Thank you Tracie! Louise Eve Boyes Xxx


  10. Dear Tracie
    I just wanted to say thank you for the reading you gave me- it was absolutely spot on with everything that is currently going on in my life at the moment and has given me clarity on so much
    You are truly one amazing lady with such a wonderful gift xxx


  11. Dear Tracie thank you so much, mother’s day reading was brilliant! Past life too… a couple of years ago my friend was learning hypnotherapy & I was her practice client, we were both amazed at what came up & that I could see every detail all the while I was aware I was still in the chair… still remember all of it … past lives are truly fascinating … so thank you 💕


  12. Thank you so much for my reading by FaceTime today. I have gained so much more insight and will be prepared for what is to come in the future. It was great having the family come through cos they are an amazing bunch. Looking forward to the rest of this year end definetly next year. Thank you so much again xx

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  13. I’ve just had my first FaceTime reading with Tracie & it was so good I feel like I’ve been in a Harley Street therapy session!! So much clear & precise information along with heaps of fantastic insight & advice, even some input from my lovely grandad. You’ve helped me so much Tracie, thank you again xx

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  14. Review …
    thank you Tracie for yet another fantastic reading you never fail to pick up on my current situation when I turn to you for guidance. I have had readings from you for past year now and every one has unfolded exactly how you told me it would . And have taught me to always trust my intuition as it never will fail you. Thank you so much, Louise xx


  15. Hi Tracie, thank you for my email reading. The past and present are spot on and hopefully the monthly readings for the next 11 months will also come true. Totally amazed, have had readings in the past and was brilliant.


  16. I have had a 12 month tarot reading from tracie which was amazingly accurate and a lot of fun, I have since gone on to see tracie to speak to loved ones that have passed over and also participated in an angel board to find out who my guides were and passed lives absolutely amazing x thank you Tracie x


  17. I find tracie inspirational! I look forward to seeing tracie post on Instagram and Facebook! Keep doing your good work! 😊👍❤️


  18. Tracie’s guidance has helped me so much over the last year. Her card readings have helped me navigate through a tough time over the last year and now there is light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you Tracie !!


  19. I’ve just had a very in-depth reading with Tracie which is like talking to a friend rather a Medium. Tracie’s ability to pick up on specific details are amazing as always. Tracie always looks at situations with a great perspective and things that maybe haven’t crossed your mind.
    I would recommend Tracie to anyone who would like a reading.


  20. Thank you so much for the reading, it’s amazing how you were so spot on with how I have been feeling and you have helped put my mind at ease with up coming concerns. I have had many email readings with you and they have always been so accurate and I have found that the guidance you have given me has been so helpful.

    Thank you again xx


  21. Dear Tracie thank you for my healing session I had with you last week. I’ve been having problems with my throat for a long time and been backward and forward to the doctors having steroids and antibiotics but nothing worked I have known Tracie for a while and as a last resort asked her to perform some healing. It was quite an emotionally session wasn’t what I expected but my throat feels a lot better and have been sleeping so much better. I realise now that it is emotional problems I am experiencing which had been affecting my throat. So as you can imagine all that bottled up emotion has to come out so I’ve been crying quite a lot which Tracie has told me is normal. I highly recommend that trying alternative therapy and Tracie is the person. You should contact .


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