Magical Spell Kits

Make a Wish

This is a sample of the wish spell to give you an idea of what is included, they are all handmade with love and light by me. I only work in the highest good with pure intentions, so please do ask for any negative spells, you will need to go elsewhere for those.

The crystals are put out and charged in the moonlight and the spell is individually personalised. They all come with instructions. I will need the person’s name and date of birth.

They are all nicely wrapped in tissue paper and boxed ready to be sent out to you or the person you wish to purchased one for, they make lovely gifts, I know my nieces just love them.

Postage is added to the price they are sent recorded delivery, second class is £2.50.

If you are buying as I gift I can if you wish to add a little message.

(While the new website and online store is being built please contact me for your orders)  *Introductory price of £8.00 plus postage for this month only.

Magical Spell Kits

Make a Wish Spell

Do you believe in fairies and magic folk?
Sometimes as if by magic our dreams can come true… Try this spell and put your wishes out to the universe by asking the fairies to cast a little magic to help them along the way.

Love Spell

Love magic is a very powerful intention to put out the universe, do you feel that it’s time to meet the right person for you or that time is running out. I bet some of you have been attracting the wrong kind of people into your life. I know that you are kind, loving and deserve the very best and to be happy.

Bur before you start your love spell I want you to make sure that you have a clear idea of the type of person you want to attract to be your partner, so write it down and be really clear.

Calming Spell

This is a lovely relaxing spell, especially for those of you that are constantly on the go and just can’t seem to wind down. Stop rushing around and calm those nerves of yours, I bet your adrenal glands are in overdrive! Eventually, you will burn yourself out.

Take some much needed time out to rest, relax and love yourself, you don’t do this enough and you deserve some self-love and me time.

Uplifting Energy Spell

Are you feeling a little negative right now and like something is weighing you down or holding you back. Could it also be that at times recently you’ve been disappointed, hurt and had a few setbacks and that one or two people around you didn’t seem to have your best interests at heart and you’re the one felt feeling sad.

Then give this spell a try, it will give you the boost you need to start feeling more positive again.

Confidence Spell

If you have dreams, hopes and aspirations and want to fulfil all your desires then this is an everything spell. It can have an enormous impact on all aspects of your life, from your relationships to your career, to your finances.

Once this spell is done and the intentions are implanted in your subconscious, you will feel more confident and have more inner power than you have previously imagined. 

Abundance Spell

This dynamic spell it is designed to put you on the road to success and abundance and to help you achieve all your desires.

This includes career, finances, luck, and relationships and most important of all, your happiness and to help you finally achieve your goals, to enjoy the life you wish to create and all its pleasures.

Protection Spell 

Is someone causing you stress and anxiety and preventing you from achieving happiness, is this person upsetting you and hindering you from getting on with your life.

Whether its business or in your personal life, if you feel that this person needs to step back or be gone from your life.  Then you have to put a stop to it, you deserve to lead a happy, peaceful, and secure life, and you can’t achieve this until this person is gone.

The Little Witch Gift Set

For the little witch in your life, this makes a lovely gift for those that are just starting out it comes with a little book of witchcraft and a spell kit of your choice. This is a limited edition we only have 10 in stock it’s also on offer for £12.00 plus postage.

Coming Soon – House Blessing Spell Kits.

*I will be doing more spells, if you have something in mind that’s on listed please feel free to ask I will if I can do my best to get it made for you.

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