Coaching & Other Services


Apart from doing private readings & tuition, running my development circle, teaching various courses & workshops & officiating funerals & weddings and starting up my new lifestyle coaching sessions.  As you see I do many things with my time including the other subjects also listed below and a friend of mine recently suggested that I should add these to my website, so I have 🙂

I am also in the process of writing my first book about my spiritual journey & my personal lifestyle coaching ( which i have been doing for free on face book ) this book will include some of the subjects below, I will keep you posted ….

 Spirit Release

Have you ever had an uneasy feeling in a room, or sensed the presence of spirits or maybe felt you were not alone. Most people have had these experiences at some stage and this often tends to occur when we move to a new home, sometimes the energy is not quite right or after a short time we can notice a spirit presence that can seem very troubled, this can be frightening or at least a bit disconcerting for family members.

Cleansing your home and removing the spirit energies can help towards creating a more positive atmosphere this very aspect of cleansing is all too often overlooked. It doesn’t take long, I help the spirit to move on by calling on my guides for assistance and clear the energy, its well worth doing if you’re moving into somewhere new and you’re very sensitive, for overall peace of mind and well being.

House Blessing

House blessings are often performed when homeowners move into new homes, but they can be performed at any time and for any reason, the ceremony includes readings, candles and music if desired.

Working with Sensitive Children

This usually goes hand in hand with spirit release, this can cause a problem for young people  that are sensitive because spirit are often drawn to them, they experience sprits in their bedrooms this often leads to disturbed sleep and anxiety.

Spirit Communication

Working with families that have had a tragic loss, either suicide or murder where they are unable to get to the bottom of why this happened or why the person took their own life.

Lifestyle Re-Set  – Personal Coaching

The aim of this personal lifestyle coaching is that we work together to try and achieve for you a better and happier life. For some of you this might be being more successful in business or your career, improving your health, your home life, your love life, losing weight or boosting your confidence, for many it may well be all of the above, it doesn’t matter because we can cover each area.

Development circle

I have been running circles for over 15 years at present i have a closed circle, which has been running for 6 years now in Chelmsford. There are a few spaces available at present for beginners they are held on a Monday evening once a month. I also do private tuition held at my clients home.

I will guide you through the techniques to help you enhance or psychic and mediumship skills.  We cover a number of the subjects and techniques these a few. Opening up, Grounding, Meditation Techniques, Psychic Protection, Closing Down, Photograph Readings, Angels, Mediumship, Spirit Guides and how to contact and work with them.

Spiritual Funerals

As a Spiritual Funeral Celebrant I conduct non-religious, semi-religious and spiritual funeral services.  I aim for my funeral services to be a ‘celebration of life’ that honours the person’s memory, with emphasis on how the person lived their life especially if they were Spiritual to honour those beliefs when I’m putting the service together.  I also take on board their personality traits and the memories of the family members that are present. I love to create ceremonies of substance and meaning.

Civil Celebrant

Weddings, baby naming and hand fasting ceremonies that often incorporate special readings and memories from family members to honour their loved ones that have passed.


If you would like something a bit different for your event or party I have also worked over the years doing  private tarot & angel readings at wedding receptions, hen parties, book signing and fashion press open days.

Contact Amy if you require more information by using any of the contact forms on this site.