Psychic Night

  We all love to hear messages from our loved ones they reminded us that our connection to someone lives long after they die. Although death brings about the end of your physical relationship, it does not end your spiritual and emotional bonds. Signs and messages are reminders of these connections and they can often … More Psychic Night

Finding Your Magic

  Online Development Classes – You will be going on your very own personal journey along the way you will find out what’s holding you back, what your blocks are and what’s stopping you from moving forward with your life. By learning how to develop your psychic ability, intuition and connect to your Spirit Guides. … More Finding Your Magic

Tea Leaf Reading

Tea Leaf reading is also known as Tasseomancy or Tasseography it’s said to originate from ancient China. As the Chinese would often read the dredges of their cups for symbols, omens or unusual patterns. Tea Leaf reading is one of the most creative and intuitive forms of divination much of the quality of the reading … More Tea Leaf Reading