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The new moon is a time of initiation and new beginnings. It is the time to plant a seed of what you want to grow in your life. Making a wish, an intention, a promise, or a vow is a common custom. It is believed that as the moon grows, that your intention or goal will too usually by the time the moon completes its cycle and returns full circle to new again.

The new Moon offers us its energy of intention, to rid ourselves of the negative habits in our life. The energy of the new moon aids us in ridding our minds and bodies of toxic thought patterns as well as eliminating toxic substances like excess alcohol,  processed foods, caffeine & tobacco usage. Starting a new project, or discipline should be substantially less difficult to stick to when started during the new moon. it’s important to come up with a ritual that has meaning for you, instead of trying to follow any set guidelines (unless you’re part of an established ritual group).

Creating A New Moon Ritual

Gather Sacred Supplies:  Your altar is where you collect your sacred objects — pictures, found objects and the like. Using herbs with healing or symbolic properties adds to your ritual. Stones and crystals are another powerful ally. Candles are magical, and in its form contains all four of the elements. A small journal on hand allows you to keep a record of your intentions.

Preparing for the Ritual: This is the most important part of ritual, since your commitment is the key. Take a ritual bath with sea salt to clear your field of any negative energies. Sage is an herb used to clear a space, and make it sacred for ritual.

Light the end of the sage wand and blow on it until there is a smoldering glow. Use it around your own body, and in the space of your ritual. Clear your mind with meditation, using music or just quieting down in your cleared, sacred area.

Grounding: This is something that’s important anytime, for staying connected to earth energy. Signs that you’re not grounded are mania, nervousness, racing thoughts and the like. Too often we forget to feel the earth under our feet. Visualise the roots going down into the Earth, through the layers, into the core, and then drawing that energy a white light back up through your feet again. It moves through each chakra, coming out the top of your head and down around you.

Your New Moon Wishes: After you’ve cleared a sacred space and settled your energy, you’re ready to set your intentions. Make a list of what you’d like to draw into your life, and Dream Big! The new Moon is a moment to conjure what seems out of reach, and creating the vision is the first step to making it a reality. But these are not just words on paper. As you write them down as intentions, you are committing to doing your part to make them real. Some call it co-creating, since you’re opening to universal energies to set dreams in motion.

Dreams of the Soul: Your intentions come from the longings that keep coming up. In the days leading up to the new Moon, give some thought to those longings, and see what images, dreams and streams of thought come up. Use symbolic associations to go along with your intentions. Weave in the element for the new Moon, for an earth new Moon, for example, you might plant seeds that represent your intention. Rituals are a way to work with universal energies, and draw attention to the particular life lessons, or arena (house, planet, etc) that it illuminates for you.

Symbolic Acts: Here’s where you get to be creative. If your intentions are to write a book, or broadcast your ideas out to the world, write them on a piece of paper and offer it to the fire. To open to love, put lavender and a rose quartz in a small pouch, along with the qualities you’re seeking. If you’re inspired, add a symbolic act to your intention-setting ritual.

Keep them Alive: A big part of success with new Moon intentions is what comes after. Find ways to keep them in the front of your awareness. Put them in a visible spot, or keep them in your bag. Make notes in your journal about your progress. At the full Moon, find ways to take action on those intentions, and celebrate any signs of change.

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This spell for professional success can be used for a few purposes:To get a job, to increase your salary, to start a new business, to increase the success of your current business.

Ingredients for your spell:

A photo of yourself

4 green candles and one white candle

A few drops of essential oil (chose an uplifting one)

Amber incense

10 bay leaves

2 green fluorite stones

Money – £5 note will do

An offering bowl

Dress in white when you perform this spell.

Purify yourself by washing your hands and then applying a few drops of your essential oil (mix a drop with a carrier oil such as almond oil, as many essential oils can irritate the skin if put on the skin directly)

To prepare your circle, place the green candles at each cardinal point, and the white candle in front of you. Place the incense to the left of the white candle. Put the bay leaves, fluorite stones and £5 note into a bowl, and put this on the right of the white candle.

Put your photo in front of the candle. Now, ground and centre yourself, then draw your circle, lighting each green candle in turn, and finally the white candle in front of you. Use the white candle to light the incense.

Take the white candle, and drop a few drops of wax on your picture.

Take the offering bowl in both hands and concentrate on your photo. Recite this incantation for personal success three times:

“Success is coming soon to me, Prosperity is flowing unto me, So mote it be” Now sit in silence for a while and visualise having complete financial freedom. Money is flowing easily to you and you are in total flow and abundance.

Imagine what that would be like. Immerse yourself in the feeling of it. The longer you can hold this happy image in your mind, the better. When you feel done, extinguish all candles ending with the white candle.

Close the circle and let the incense burn to the end. Afterwards, whenever you think of money or professional success, remember the happy feelings of the abundance visualisation, and get into that feeling again. If you find yourself worrying, immediately recite the above incantation, and refocus your thoughts towards abundance, knowing that the more you think positively about your future success, the quicker you will draw it into your life.

Spell for Self Love


You will need
An egg
A pink candle
Rose petals
Lemon tea
Rose or lavender or something uplifting and calming if you have it

Sit down in a place where you will be undisturbed, and take the egg in your hand. Allow yourself to think about how you feel grief, loneliness and frustration let them come to the surface. Allow yourself to feel these feelings without fighting against them. Cry if you need to. Don’t be ashamed or afraid of letting out all your feelings.
While doing this, take the egg and roll it gently over your face and body. Imagine the egg soaking up all your grief and negative feelings. Project your unhappiness into the egg as if it were a sponge, soaking up all negative emotions. When you feel that the egg has sucked up all your bad emotions, bury it outside (preferably as far away as possible from your own house). Now all the depression you projected into the egg is being absorbed and neutralised by the earth. When you return to your house, make yourself some lemon tea and put the rose petals inside. Sweeten it with the honey. Place the pink candle in front of you, and sprinkle the rest of the rose petals around it. Now light the candle, set the scene and visualise the scent of the rose petals and the warmth of the candle joining together to fill your room with a beautiful, warm soft pink light and the sweet scent of the rose petals. Let this fill you with a loving, warm feeling of comfort. Now, while sipping the lemon tea, burn your oils in the burner let your candle burn out, say the following words.

There is abundant love in the Universe
There is abundant love in me
I see myself as the eternal soul
I really am I know I play an important part in this world
Give me guidance to help me see my path
Give me clarity to help me see my worth
I am a Divine being and I love myself deeply
As I am worthy of the love of others Thank you
So mote it be.

Burn Away the Negative


When you have extra tension or negative energy in your life, this spell will work for you. It doesn’t have to be a really bad energy. Whenever something is getting you down, do this ritual.

You need to have:

1 black candle

Sandalwood oil/ protection oil

Dried mint, basil and/or white sage

Photo of the person if you have one

Small Piece of paper

Crush up your dried herbs so they are in really little pieces. Big flakes won’t work very well in this spell.

Carve the name of the person or initials on the candle

Rub oil all over your candle and get it nice and slick with sandalwood. Roll in your herbs so they stick all over the surface of the candle.

Set up the candle in a holder and light it. It might spark a little as the oil and herbs start to burn, so choose a location that is safe.

Write the words below on paper.

Focus on the photograph.

As the candle burns repeat 3 times

Burn the paper and repeat 3 times

After burning repeat 3 times

I banish you negative energy,
I banish you bad attitude,
I banish you poor spirit
I welcome happiness and peace

Then let the candle finish burning down. Anything remaining, bury it out in the garden.