Train to be a tarot reader

Maybe you have been reading Tarot cards for a while, and you’re self taught, you feel confused or that there is something missing. Or you want to completely understand the meanings so you can gain more confidence.

Most of us start out reading for friends and family for free, is it time you started receiving payment for your readings. And you want to make sure you offer professional and good quality readings so that you meet your client’s expectations.

It could be that you already charge a small fee for readings, and now you want to get more clients. You want to receive what your worth for your service and have clients treat you as a trusted psychic and advisor.


Stage 1. Learn all the meanings of all the 78 Tarot Cards. I teach you the simple yet powerful techniques to interpret the cards with meaning and accuracy. I’ll also guide you in how to create a personal and intuitive connection with your Tarot pack, making it easier for you to interpret the cards in your own way.

Learn how to lay out your readings, how to choose the right spread, trust your intuition and more.

You will have the opportunity to give Free Tarot Readings to the public, in exchange for feedback. This is the best way to apply what you’ve learned, develop your skills and boost your confidence quickly.

Stage 2.

This course is for those that have already completed stage 1 and have been reading tarot for a while and would like to get more involved and learn new spreads.

I will guide you through the different types of spreads and teach you how to do quick easy lay outs to get the answers to your clients questions.

Yes there will be homework and case studies, and you will be expected to read for members of the public, plus online & remote readings as part of your coursework.

If you are truly committed to learning and you think that you would make a difference by helping other people find answers to their problems or situations, you have a kind and caring nature and that this maybe your calling, you will embrace and enjoy the process, tarot is not for everyone but if it is for you, you will love it and find it very rewarding.

If your interested in becoming a reader then drop me an email – or visit my training and workshop page.