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Magic & Glitter – Training Academy.

Tracie is a qualified tutor with a recognised teaching degree.

All M&G Courses are now available as online courses

Magic & Glitter now work alongside one of the largest psychic networks in the indusrty. Everyone that completes the advanced tarot training course will have the opportunity once qualified to work as an online / telephone reader.


One Day Intensive Beginners Tarot Course.
Learn the basics of Tarot in a one day course.
Learn the meanings of the 78 tarot cards.
Learn how we combine the tarot cards and spreads.
12 to – Cost £75 – Next date will be Jan 2019
Certificate on completion.

Advanced  Tarot Training Course.
This course is for those that have already completed the beginner’s tarot training course or those have been reading tarot for a while and would like to learn something new.
Learn how to do online & remote readings.
Practice readings and case studies will need to be submitted as part of your coursework. Certificate will only be given if you complete the course.
Cost £200.00 – Continuous online tuition, this course must be completed within 12 months. Next date will be Jan 2019.


Introduction to Witchcraft For those of you Interested in witchcraft, write your own book of shadows, learn about Wicca and Pagans including the moon cycles, spells, sabbats, goddess, meditations, casting a circle, cord magic, candle magic, herb magic and much more. Cost £80.00 Certificate on completion. Oct 2018  – 11am to 4pm-  Chelmsford.


Herb Magic Workshop
How you can use herbs in Spells. Herbal Substitutes.Why use Herbs in Magic.
Make your own – Medicine Bag or Talisman, Spell Casting & more.
Cost £55 – 11 to 4pm – Nov 2018 – Chemsford


Introduction to Angels
What are Angels, Archangels, Angels & their special responsibilities Connecting with Angels, Angel Signs, Angel Meditation, Angel Card Readings learn about the seven main Angels and how to do Angel card readings. Everyone one gets to practice with the group and gets a personal Angel card reading from Tracie.
share your thoughts or experiences on Angels with group discussions and a lovely meditation, a very nice relaxed day leaving you feeling calm and refreshed.
11to 4 pm please bring a note pad & Angel cards, Tea & Coffee Provided. 10th March Cork, Ireland –  3rd June 2018 Cost £60 payment in full.


Chakra Workshop
Understanding how the Chakras work and how blockages in our energy affect our psychical and emotional functions and general well being, we cover each chakra in turn and understand how and why they get blocked. Understand what is needed to keep you well and in good spirits, learn how to help yourself,group discussions on healing and meditations. 12 to 4. 30pm – Romford Cost £60 payment in full.


Tea Leaf Reading Workshop
Who fancies and afternoon of fun leaning how to do Tea Leaf Readings. we will cover the history of tea, different types of teas used for readings, Tea’s to suit your zodiac signs, how read the tea leaves, symbols and understanding the meanings, and of course practicing doing your own readings. 12-3pm – 28th Oct – Braintree Essex. £35.00.


Introduction to Shamanism
Learn about the Shaman jouney’s, The Shaman Way, Power & Totem animals, Guides, Shaman Healing, Crystals and Energy Work, Runes, Cleansing & other tools. ( see the events page for classes)


Runes Workshop
Introduction into the art of reading and understanding the runes and their symbolism, a little on the history and the ancient runic alphabet, learning to do readings for yourself and others plus the basic runes spreads.
Feb 2019 – 11.30 – 3pm – Cost £45 payment in full.

Angel Board Workshop







Angel Boards are decorated with images of angels and beautiful flowers sometimes pictures from nature, they look much more pleasant than the traditional Ouija Boards ( spirit board ) although the way we use them is basically the same. We call upon our guardian angels and spirit guides to assist us with angel board communication and ask that they only allow positive energies through, to connect with our spirit guides to find out what our guides looked like, what their names are and past lives, its fun and everyone really enjoys it. When done in a controlled environment it is perfectly safe to use, if your interested but worried then read the feeback on my facebook training page. These are held through out the year dates will be posted as and when.

Contact me to put your name foward.  Private family sittings avaliable on request.

You can now hold a one day course or workshop in your home, subject of your choice, just get your friends together.

Take a look at all the postive feedback from those that have already completed my courses & workshops on the train to be a tarot reader page. 

Magic & Glitter owns the copyright to all courses & workshops.

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